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The Powerpuff Girls Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The meanings of astrological signs are based on commonly understood archetypes and their corresponding personality traits. Each sign is made up of different ingredients that, when mixed together, comprise all the elemental possibilities of the universe. This idea — of mixing various ingredients that correspond to different characteristics — is also the basis of the popular Cartoon Network series "The Powerpuff Girls."

The original series premiered in 1998 (at the time the highest-rated debut in network history) and follows three super-powered kindergarteners known as The Powerpuff Girls. The girls were created by a man named Professor Utonium who had intended to create "the perfect little girl" with three ingredients: sugar, spice, and everything nice. But Professor Utonium accidentally added a special ingredient, Chemical X, which created three girls instead of one and gave them all superpowers.

Thus, none of the Powerpuff Girls are perfect (who is?), but they all have very archetypal personalities based on the primary ingredient in their composition. Rounding out the series is its colorful cast of friends and foes, who also have very strong personalities that complement or conflict with the titular girls. "The Powerpuff Girls" was certainly a show made for children — though it was originally titled "The Whoopass Girls" – but it remains wildly entertaining for adults, especially considering the nostalgia factor. For this reason, this list focuses on the characters in the 1998 version, rather than the much-maligned 2016 reboot or the upcoming live-action series. For those fans who just can't get enough of the original series, read on to discover which character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Buttercup

Buttercup's main ingredient is spice, her color is green, and she is known among the girls as the "toughest fighter." For these reasons, Buttercup is undoubtedly an Aries, the headstrong firebrand of the group. Buttercup is a tough, short-tempered tomboy who's never afraid to throw a punch when needed (or when not needed). Like most Arians — those born between March 21 and April 19 – Buttercup is easily angered and easily bored, making her the most tempestuous of the trio.

Nonetheless, she is still an essential part of the group. She is brave, direct, and never backs down from a fight, representing the spontaneity, passion, and competitive nature of fire signs. Aries is also symbolized by the ram and the warrior, two figures that perfectly represent the strong-minded Buttercup. On the other hand, Buttercup can also be impatient and impulsive, representing the darker qualities of Aries. Though she does display some ostensibly negative qualities, Buttercup also works to overcome her impulses — such as in the episode "Makes Zen To Me," in which she learns to control her anger. As with most Arians, Buttercup's enthusiasm and passion can be an asset or a liability, depending on the situation.

Taurus: Sara Bellum

If you happen to be born between April 20 and May 20, then you, like Sara Bellum, are a Taurus. Sara Bellum is the Mayor of Townsville's secretary and is referred to as the "brains behind the man" by the Mayor himself. Because the Mayor is fairly inept, Sara Bellum handles most of his duties and solves any problems that arise. Sara Bellum believes herself to be the true leader of Townsville, and rightly so.

Taureans are earth signs, who are known for being practical and methodical, qualities that certainly represent the dedicated Sara Bellum. She is a loyal friend to the Powerpuff Girls, always helping when they need her and acting as a sort of mother figure to the motherless trio. Like most Taureans, she is reliable and patient, making her an important ally. Because she is so dedicated to her job with the Mayor, Sara Bellum seems to be something of a shut-in, not appearing to have any social life outside of her job and helping the girls. This is illustrative of the "all-or-nothing" mindset Taureans can sometimes display, an attitude that can be detrimental given the stubborn nature of these signs.

Though Sara Bellum is not shown to have much of a social life, she certainly dresses to impress and is known for her buxom figure and beautiful curly hair. (In fact, her appearance was decided to be too inappropriate for the 2016 reboot, so her character was removed from the lineup altogether). Nonetheless, Sara Bellum clearly takes care and pleasure in defining her appearance, which squares with Taureans' archetype as the sensualist, or one who indulges in earthly pleasures. Self-love is love!

Gemini: HIM

Well, it's arrived — that time in the article when we start talking about villains. Sorry, we can't all be heroes! If you're a charismatic Gemini — born between May 21 and June 20 – that means you are also one of the show's most iconic villains: HIM. HIM is often described as the most dangerous enemy of the Powerpuff Girls, and he essentially represents the devil. (His name is an acronym for His Infernal Majesty). He's a flamboyant red demon with a penchant for drawing attention to himself. HIM is a rather androgynous character, leading some to question what his gender may actually be. This fits well with Gemini's symbol being the twins, as Geminis are often known for being adaptable and even two-sided.

As opposed to other villains in the series, HIM often uses psychological tactics — rather than physical might — to attack the girls. Like most Geminis, HIM is charismatic and quick-witted, which makes him a dangerous villain indeed. His first appearance was in an episode called "Octi Evil" (one of the show's most popular episodes) in which he supernaturally possesses Bubbles' stuffed octopus in order to gain her trust and turn her against her sisters. HIM uses the most powerful qualities of Geminis for evil purposes: He is ruthless and diabolical, and probably the most outright sadistic character in the series. HIM is far removed from the many Geminis who are kind and affectionate, using their charisma and people skills for good. He is the darkest face of the infamously two-faced Gemini.

Cancer: Bubbles

Cancers are water signs, known for being emotional and in touch with their feelings. This perfectly describes Bubbles, the sister whose special ingredient is sugar and is called the "joy and laughter" of the group. Bubbles is known for being kind and sweet, and she also has the uniquely intuitive ability to communicate with animals. She is the emotional heart of the sisters and keeps them grounded when Blossom is focused on the details and Buttercup on the action.

Though Bubbles' sensitivity is one of her strengths, it can also be a weakness at times, as she is prone to being overemotional and is frequently driven to tears. These are two sides of the same coin for Cancers — born between June 21 and July 22 – who are highly sympathetic but are also subject to moodiness. Like most Cancers, Bubbles can be insecure about her perceived weakness and her place in the group, leading her to lash out with anger at times. In one episode, "Bubblevicous," she tries to become tougher and more "hardcore" to keep up with her sisters, but takes it too far and eventually turns against them. Like most Cancers, Bubbles is at her best when she is leaning into her strengths as a sensitive empath rather than fighting against them.

Leo: Princess Morbuck

If you were born between July 23 and August 22, then you're a Leo, and you're also Princess Morbuck. Princess Morbuck is a rich, spoiled girl who goes to school with the Powerpuff Girls and is also Buttercup's archnemesis. This makes sense: Although Leos and Arians can often be quite compatible, they are both passionate fire signs, which means they run the risk of butting heads. One of the main conflicts between Princess Morbuck and the sisters is that she wants more than anything to be a Powerpuff Girl herself, and is thus intensely jealous of them.

Princess Morbuck displays some of the least flattering qualities of Leos. They can be vain, arrogant, and self-centered, wanting to stand out above all else. This certainly aligns with Princess Morbuck's personality. She lives in a mansion and is obsessed with money, and especially dislikes when the world doesn't revolve around her (but has no problem taking from others). This self-centered nature is the root of her hatred for the Powerpuff Girls, who she feels have disrespected and excluded her. Hell hath no fury like a Leo scorned!

Virgo: Professor Utonium

Professor Utonium is the "father" and creator of the girls. He is highly intelligent, an expert in quantum physics and micro-nuclear fusion, and also a Virgo — as you are, if you were born between August 23 and September 22. Like most Virgos, Professor Utonium has a lot of ideas and loves trying to fix things, which is why he created the Powerpuff Girls in the first place. Though he is very dedicated to his work (another Virgo quality), he also does his best to be a good father to the girls and is very doting and affectionate. And the Powerpuff Girls actually listen to their dad, despite being vastly more powerful!

Though Professor Utonium is successful at work, he is much less successful with his love life. Professor Utonium actually has short-lived relationships with both Sara Bellum and Ms. Keane, as well as a villain aptly named Sedusa. Perhaps his bad luck in relationships is due to Virgos' often slow-moving nature in regard to love, in addition to sometimes being overly critical or judgemental. Certainly, Professor Utonium has reason to be critical of himself as well, as he frequently makes mistakes and occasionally lies to the girls to try to teach them a lesson. Nonetheless, some of his best inventions actually come from these mistakes, revealing that Virgos actually do know best after all.

Libra: Ms. Keane

If you were born between September 23 and October 23, then you are Professor Utonium's short-lived paramour, Ms. Keane. She is the Powerpuff Girls' kindergarten teacher and, like Sara Bellum, serves as a maternal figure for them. Ms. Keane is named after Margaret Keane, whose paintings (known for depicting people with unusually large eyes) actually inspired the look of the Powerpuff Girls. Like most teachers on television, Ms. Keane is patient and understanding, and seemingly well-liked by the characters in the show.

Ms. Keane is known for forbidding fighting at school, instead encouraging students (especially the Powerpuff Girls themselves) to find other ways of dealing with conflict. Libras are represented by the scales and are known as diplomats with the ability to see both sides, which is what makes Ms. Keane such a good teacher and most definitely a Libra. Though Libras are often known for being conflict-avoidant, Ms. Keane uses her diplomatic nature to solve problems rather than avoid them, making her a wonderful ally and role model to the girls (especially to volatile Buttercup, if we're being honest).

Indeed, relationships are very important to Libras, and they often see themselves reflected in other people, which tracks with Ms. Keane's depiction as a particularly giving, selfless character. We could all use a friend like her.

Scorpio: Mojo Jojo

If you know anything about Scorpios, you might have guessed that they'd be represented by a villain on this list. In this case, the most Scorpio-like character in "The Powerpuff Girls" is definitely Mojo Jojo, the evil monkey mastermind. Mojo Jojo is the girls' primary antagonist, and also the most successful villain in the series, having actually defeated them multiple times. Mojo, originally named Jojo, was Professor Utonium's lab assistant who had a habit of breaking things. During the accident that created the Powerpuff Girls, Jojo was infected with Chemical X, which caused his DNA to mutate. His brain enlarged and he grew exponentially more intelligent, but he also became envious and insecure.

Scorpios — those born October 23 to November 21 – feel betrayal very easily, and this is certainly the case with Mojo Jojo. After the explosion, he lived on the streets with no one to care for him, which turned him cold and emotionless and made him hell-bent on destroying the world. When on your side, Scorpios are brave and loyal friends, but when they turn against you, they can become manipulative and even violent, as Mojo Jojo did. Scorpios are also very resourceful and intuitive, qualities that are reflected in Mojo's cunning plans to destroy the world.

In the episode "The Powerpuff Girls Rule!" he does in fact take over the world. But rather than becoming a despotic dictator, he actually tries to solve the world's problems, proving that maybe he's not so evil after all. He also happens to be a great cook, which perhaps reflects Scorpios' archetypal placement as the alchemist. There's hope for you yet, Scorpios.

Sagittarius: Mitch Mitchelson

Mitch Mitchelson is not quite a villain on "The Powerpuff Girls," but he is certainly an antagonist. He is also a Sagittarius, which represents those born between November 22 and December 21. Though he is framed as an antagonist, Mitch is actually close friends with Buttercup, who, as a fellow fire sign, shares his more aggressive, passionate tendencies. Mitch lives in a trailer park with his grandmother, who does nothing but watch static on TV; his parents either died or abandoned him, we're never quite sure — actually a pretty tragic story when you think about it.

Mitch has all of Buttercup's worst qualities, and then some: He is mean, gross, selfish, arrogant, and quite argumentative. He's actually voiced by Tom Kenny, the same actor who voiced SpongeBob SquarePants (Kenny also voiced the Mayor). Like most Sagittarians, Mitch forms his opinions based on emotion rather than logic. Sagittarians are often loud and gregarious, which means they can be the life of the party, or, in the case of Mitch, the class clown and bully. Mitch is somewhat similar to other "bad boy" characters in cartoon history, such as Bart Simpson or Sid in "Toy Story," who always seem to be misbehaving or getting into trouble. Like the rest of the antagonists on the list, Mitch represents the darker sides of his sign, rather than the most positive. The many strengths of a Sagittarius can be a double-edged sword.

Capricorn: Blossom

Blossom, the sister made from "everything nice," is a classic Capricorn. She is the self-proclaimed leader of the group and is very level-headed and strategy-focused. For those born between Dec 22 and Jan 19, these might be familiar characteristics. Capricorns are often the responsible friend or the "mom friend" of the group, and frequently seem grown-up even as children. Obviously, the Powerpuff Girls are literal children, and Blossom's chosen leadership role only solidifies her Capricorn status.

Because Capricorns are so intelligent and strategic, they can sometimes be know-it-alls, occasionally igniting conflicts with others for this reason. In the case of Blossom, her main flaw is her egocentrism and the belief that she is the most beautiful of the three — one of the only qualities that conflicts with her generally grounded nature as an earth sign. Because Blossom is more analytical than emotional, she needs her sisters — fire and water signs — to help bring that emotion to the forefront. As it is, the three elements they represent balance each other out nicely.

Aquarius: Fuzzy Lumpkins

If you were born between January 20 and February 18, then you are an Aquarius, which makes you the eccentric Fuzzy Lumpkins. Lumpkins is one of the main villains on "The Powerpuff Girls," and he is known for being anti-social and very protective of his property. While Aquarians are known as humanitarians, their cerebral nature also means they can sometimes be aloof and prefer to live on the fringes of society. This certainly squares with Fuzzy Lumpkins, who is prone to shooting trespassers with his trusty shotgun, "Boomstick," if they get too close.

Like most Aquarians, Fuzzy Lumpkins loves personal freedom. He spends most of his time at his house in the woods, cooking and playing his banjo, "Joe." Though he comes from a large family, he prefers his privacy and his own routine. As a result, he can be temperamental and standoffish, which are certainly some of the less desirable qualities Aquarians can possess. Fuzzy Lumpkins is definitely original and independent as well — two other very Aquarian traits — but in his case, these normally positive characteristics pit him against our titular heroes.

Pisces: The Mayor

The Mayor of Townsville — the man who is the face of leadership even though we all know Sara Bellum is doing the work behind the scenes — is a Pisces. These individuals, born between February 19 and March 20, are water signs known for being artistic and having their heads in the clouds. For the Mayor, these Piscean qualities manifest themselves less flatteringly in his bumbling ineptitude and inability to comprehend what's going on around him. Nonetheless, he loves the people of Townsville and supports the Powerpuff Girls (even if he sometimes calls them for trivial matters, such as the time he enlisted their help to open a jar of pickles).

The Mayor is simultaneously mature and childlike, which is a very Piscean dichotomy. He has a very adult job but is also very immature at times, as evidenced by his inexplicable obsession with pickles. Though Pisceans can be overly imaginative, they generally have good intentions and a friendly and gentle temperament. This is certainly true with the Mayor, who, though he is not the sharpest tool in the box, does the best he can and loves going to work every day to "help" the people of Townsville.