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The Hogwarts House You Belong In Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Every person with even the most passing acquaintance with the "Harry Potter" franchise has pondered what Hogwarts house they'd be sorted into, were they a denizen of the wizarding world. Gryffindor — home to Harry himself, the Weasley family, and Albus Dumbledore — is a popular choice, defined by valor and chivalry. Ravenclaw appeals to the brainier among us, like Luna Lovegood, Garrick Ollivander, and Professor Flitwick. Hufflepuff is represented by hard-working individuals with a strong sense of fairness, including Cedric Diggory, Teddy Lupin, and Newt Scamander. Slytherin exalts the sort of calculating intelligence and ambition found in Severus Snape, Horace Slughorn, and, most infamously, Lord Voldemort.

Just as the Hogwarts houses organize the vast spectrum of human personality into four categories, so too does the zodiac break people down into discrete groups. Quite a bit of overlap exists between the two systems — there are definitely signs that can be understood as "the brave one," a la Gryffindor — which offers intriguingly complex opportunities for the curious fan to explore. Is Sagittarius' intelligence more like Ravenclaw or Gryffindor? Is Slytherin home to Scorpios or Cancers? What Hogwarts house do you belong in based on your zodiac sign? Join us as we unite "Harry Potter" and horoscopes to find out the answer to that starry-eyed question.

Aries: Gryffindor

Hermione Granger sums Aries up when she describes Harry, the quintessential Gryffindor, as having a "saving-people-thing" in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." Just as the titular boy wizard can't keep himself from leaping into the fray, neither can those born between March 21 and April 19 resist derring-do when the moment calls for it. This is the essence of Gryffindor: bravery, leadership, and grit in the face of terror and desperation. Such courage is a wonderful thing and a huge part of the reason Hogwarts is still standing. After all, in moments of peril, even the best and brightest among us might crumble — but not Gryffindorian Aries. When Voldemort comes knocking, this springtime sign is ready with their wand in hand, ready to pull off some heroics.

Unfortunately, that leonine spirit can get Aries into trouble. For every glorious exploit they add to their spectacular resume, there is a moment of abject foolishness — recall Harry walking right into Voldemort's trap at the end of the "Order of the Phoenix." The daring initiative that makes Aries and Gryffindor so special can prevent them, in moments like this, from much-needed contemplation. And tragic consequences sometimes ensue. Harry learns this lesson in especially brutal fashion when his Aries-esque decision to save Sirius from the Death Eaters leads to Sirius' death. Take pride in your Gryffindor status, Aries, but be sure to learn from the mistakes of your housemates.

Taurus: Hufflepuff

Those born between April 20 and May 20 are chiefly known for two things: their appreciation of luxury and their steadfastness. That first descriptor might not seem to apply to Hufflepuff. Since when are Hogwarts' patient badgers aligned with pricey goods? But Taurus' love of fine things comes from a deep respect for comfort and quality, not simple greed. The cozy confines of the Hufflepuff common room, with its warm wood accents and close proximity to the kitchen, is the stuff Taurean dreams are made of. Here, a Hufflepuff can lose themselves in the eternal pleasures of good food, beautiful design, and honest friendship. In short, they can be a Taurus at their most satisfied.

Taurus' dependability is a more obviously Hufflepuff trait, yet even this descriptor is more complex than you might realize. In "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," the Sorting Hat sums Taurus up nicely when it describes Hufflepuffs as "just," "loyal," "patient," and "unafraid of toil." This steady nature often leads to tremendous heroism — consider Cedric Diggory's decision to help Harry during the Triwizard Tournament or Nymphadora Tonks' final fight against the Death Eaters. Yet it can also sour into foolhardy stubbornness. Zacharias Smith's unswerving disdain for Harry's decisions makes him a thoroughly unpleasant part of "Order of the Phoenix" and quite possibly the worst Hufflepuff in the series. Loyalty is a good thing, Taurus — just make sure it's not to your own ego.

Gemini: Ravenclaw

Ravenclaws are all about smarts, which makes this house Gemini's natural home. People born between May 21 and June 21 are known for their agile thinking, hunger for knowledge, and delightful wit. Life among Hogwarts' brainiest set would feed their ceaseless need for intellectual growth — even getting into the Ravenclaw common room requires answering a riddle. Gemini's intelligence extends into the social sphere as well. They're keen judges of character and delight in connecting with others. A particularly bright Gemini could rule over a golden age of the Ravenclaw common room, transforming it into an intellectual salon par excellence.

However, Gemini's bright nature has a dark side, one that many Ravenclaws encounter over the course of the "Harry Potter" series. All this high-mindedness can easily become plain old detachment, which makes it difficult for Geminis to connect with people on a deeper level. Luna Lovegood struggles with this most visibly. Her deep desire for friendship is often obscured by her incredibly abstract intelligence. In some particularly flawed Geminis, this aloof nature combines with the sign's natural mutability to create someone without an essential self. Gilderoy Lockhart is the poster boy for this worst-case scenario. All his Ravenclaw smarts have been put towards a career built on lies, manipulation, and arrogance. Luckily, most Geminis keep their values in line with Rowena Ravenclaw's, treasuring "wit beyond measure" above simple greed.

Cancer: Gryffindor

When you think of Gryffindor, you think of high-octane heroics. Molly Weasley's brand of courage — expressed in home-cooked meals, stern advice, and fantabulous Christmas gifts — doesn't come as quickly to mind. But Molly is, in fact, one of the most true-blue Gryffindors fans ever encounter and Exhibit A for why Cancers belong in scarlet and gold. Folks born between June 22 and July 22 might not express themselves through fisticuffs, but their bravery is utterly unquestionable.

Holding people together during wartime as Molly does takes astonishing courage. Molly knows the costs of openly supporting Harry Potter, sheltering the Order of the Phoenix, and leaping into battle. After all, she lost her brothers, Gideon and Fabian Prewett, in the First Wizarding War. Yet she remains unswervingly loyal to the green-eyed boy her youngest son befriended on the Hogwarts Express. 

This sort of boldness springs from the love that defines Cancer. It's not affection, nor even adoration — Cancer's love is love, and it comes from knowledge of just how brutal the world can be. Love that knows that sort of fear cannot be stopped, and it's best expressed through action — the Gryffindor watchword. Every birthday cake, hand-knitted sweater, and intense scolding that follows is an act of profound nerve. People who underestimate this do so at great risk — just ask Bellatrix Lestrange, who dies for the crime of threatening Molly Weasley's only daughter.

Leo: Slytherin

You might think Leo belongs in Gryffindor, given that house's symbol is the noble lion. But in fact, those born between July 23 and August 22 are natural Slytherins. Sharp-eyed fans might note that this places Harry himself, born on July 31, in the house of the serpent. Is this sacrilege? Hardly. As the Sorting Hat points out, Harry could have done well in Slytherin. Leos like him are brave, but they're also clever, skilled, and ambitious — the very traits Salazar Slytherin prized in his students.

Some of Slytherin's bad rap is merited — Salazar was, after all, a noted bigot — but some of it is not. Ambition, for example, is not inherently evil, and neither is cunning. Sure, Voldemort uses both to terrorize the magical populace, but Severus Snape, a dyed-in-the-wool Slytherin, puts them towards saving the world. Leos are similarly clever and aspirational, which tends to land them in the upper echelons of their chosen fields. 

This sign is also inclined to pride and a love of luxury. Old Slytherin families like the Malfoys wear these tendencies on their sleeve. Their albino peacocks, top-of-the-line racing brooms, and opulent manor home are not exactly subtle. Most Leos aren't like these pompous purebloods, though they should take care to keep themselves from becoming so. Just remember, Leo, if you're carrying snake-headed canes and threatening people by hissing, "My father will hear about this," you've gone too far.

Virgo: Ravenclaw

Were they a Hogwarts student, Virgo would be the kid turning in seven-foot-long parchment essays when two would've sufficed — and you can bet there wouldn't be a single errant inkblot to be found in the margins. 

These meticulous people, born between August 23 and September 22, have the sort of brainpower that makes anything possible. Naturally, they belong in Ravenclaw. Their smarts are an enormous part of why, of course, but so is their attention to detail. Ravenclaws love riddles, and solving a riddle requires an exacting mind, not just an active one. So do charms, which Professor Flitwick, Ravenclaw's head of house, teaches. As Hermione Granger famously points out in his classroom, even the slightest error in pronunciation can turn Wingardium Leviosa into a Wingardium Levios-dud.

Virgo is also distinguished by their connection to nature. This might seem like a more Hufflepuff-appropriate interest — Hufflepuff's head of house, Professor Sprout, is the Herbology teacher — but there's actually plenty of precedent for tree-hugging among Ravenclaws. Luna Lovegood serves as the most prominent example. Her devotion to esoteric magizoology is all-consuming. In fact, she ends up marrying Rolf, grandson of Newt Scamander, the monster-loving protagonist of the "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" series. Together, Luna and Rolf live the Virgo dream by leaping into a career full of high-minded research, fascinating creatures, and a whole lot of note-taking.

Libra: Hufflepuff

Fair-minded Libra, born between September 23 and October 23, is generous, patient, and good in a crisis. This makes them ideal mediators — there's no sign more capable of understanding multiple sides of a complex clash. Libra is also a skilled communicator, which means they can give eloquent voice to seemingly conflicting points of view. Harmony tends to reign in their wake, which is just how Libra likes it.

This good-hearted equanimity defines Hufflepuff. Helga Hufflepuff, the house's founder, was famed for her tolerance. Unlike her mythic peers, she declared she'd "teach the lot and treat them just the same." While Gryffindors, Slytherins, and Ravenclaws battle for primacy, Hufflepuffs are content to go along, getting along, just like Libra. People often underestimate those born under this sign as a result, and Hogwarts is no exception. Hufflepuffs have a bit of a reputation as "a lot o' duffers," as Hagrid memorably puts it. The derision can be so intense that even real-world publications like The Atlantic feel the need to defend Hogwarts' overlooked badgers. 

In truth, Hufflepuffs' Libra-esque interest in peace and happiness comes from a place of true maturity. Calm, ease, and fellowship are the cornerstones of a life well-lived and the soil in which equitable civilization grows. One could even argue such an attitude makes Hufflepuff the most advanced house and Libra the most truly visionary sign. Dumbledores and Voldemorts might make headlines, but Helga Hufflepuffs heal the scars they leave behind.

Scorpio: Slytherin

Scorpios are a shadowy bunch — sound like a certain serpent-themed Hogwarts house you know? 

Those born between October 24 and November 21 are probably unperturbed to learn they belong in Slytherin. Playing by other people's ethical rules isn't their style. Like Slytherins, Scorpios are known for being secretive, cunning, and interested in power. This often ties into an avowed interest in the darker side of life, which parallels Slytherin's long association with dark magic. That's not to say your Scorpio friend who likes true crime podcasts is a wannabe Death Eater — they're just not automatically freaked out by the concept of evil. Oftentimes, this makes Scorpio especially heroic. Consider Snape, who was once a teenager experimenting with dark curses. His brush with malice ultimately enables him to save the wizarding world.

Few manage to breach Scorpio's chilly exterior, but those who are allowed to do so have proven themselves to be trustworthy. This will never be forgotten, as Scorpio treasures their loved ones with uncommon depth. Slytherin loyalties are just as strong. The Malfoys are terrible, true, but they really do love each other. Narcissa Malfoy even decides to place her love for her son above her devotion to Voldemort in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" by lying to the Dark Lord's face. She's never going to be Harry's friend, but she'll lie about his very-much-alive status in a critical moment if it means saving her son from death on the battlefield.

Sagittarius: Gryffindor

Sagittarius and Gryffindor are united by a single world: adventure. This sign, born between November 22 and December 21, isn't interested in a small, quiet, pleasant little life. Bold, brilliant, and occasionally brash Hermione Granger is the ideal representative of Sagittarian Gryffindors. She's defined by an overpowering desire to learn about, well, everything, and a collection of passionately defended ideals. This sign, like Hermione, is known for having their nose in a book. But Sagittarius' knowledge doesn't exist for its own sake — it's used to fuel their endless action. Consider S.P.E.W., aka the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare, Hermione's unfortunately named student organization. At 14, she's so enormously moved by house-elves' plight, she goes straight into activist mode.

At its best, Sagittarius' passion is a roaring hearth fire, keeping them safe, warm, and healthy. At its worst, however, it's a raging inferno, prone to burning the unwary. This sign can get so wrapped up in their ideals, they don't realize how disconnected they've become from the actual world — or how unpleasant they seem. Before taking down a troll unites them in "Sorcerer's Stone," Harry and Ron shy away from Hermione, who strikes them (and plenty of other kids) as a snotty know-it-all. She doesn't mean to seem arrogant, she just loves learning that much. Good thing she ends up with friends beside her, who can remind her to step out of the library every once in a while.

Capricorn: Hufflepuff

Capricorn, born between December 22 and January 19, is among the most hard-working signs in the zodiac. No house embraces their stick-to-itiveness better than Hufflepuff, represented by the tireless badger. Capricorns and Hufflepuffs cannot be stopped once they've started to work on something. Sure, obstacles might delay them, but they'll inevitably be adjusted for, and the slow, steady march forward will resume. It's really no wonder Cedric Diggory is chosen to represent Hogwarts in the Triwizard Tournament. Ravenclaws, Gryffindors, and Slytherins boast flashy skills, but they're less likely to possess the determination and flexibility that gets someone through an encounter with a dragon, a rescue mission in the Black Lake, and a journey through a magical maze.

Capricorn is less overtly friendly than you might expect a Hufflepuff sign to be. These determined sea-goats tend towards self-reliance in everything from business to romance. You can't really blame them — few people match their work ethic, and, sadly, plenty are willing to take advantage of it in group settings. But when Capricorns find someone they truly trust, they become devoted to them with Hufflepuff-esque intensity. At base, Capricorn's reluctance to let people in comes from the fact that they value connection so highly and pour so much of themselves into their bonds. No wonder Cho Chang takes Cedric Diggory's death so hard. She knows what it's like to be on the receiving end of this sort of loyalty.

Aquarius: Ravenclaw

Most people would like to leave the world better than they found it, but few possess the clarity of vision required to make this a reality. Aquarius, born between January 20 and February 18, can be found within the latter category. If you have a friend born under this sign, you're likely already acquainted with their multi-step plan for world peace. Their zeal might seem Gryffindor-ish, at times — especially since Aquarius is unafraid to proclaim their beliefs, no matter what they are — but in fact, it makes them classic Ravenclaws. Aquarian convictions come from hours upon hours of contemplation, research, and debate.

This sign's principles are deeply intertwined with every aspect of their life. Oftentimes, this results in popularity. Consider Cho Chang, who's unceasingly kind to Harry throughout the Triwizard Tournament, despite the fact that he's competing against her boyfriend. Her thriving social life likely stems from her firm belief in treating people with respect. However, Aquarius' lofty thinking can also put them out of touch with their peers. Luna Lovegood and Professor Trelawney are both Ravenclaws so wrapped up in their particular obsessions, they frequently fail to connect with others. Aquarians don't necessarily have a problem with this, being more inclined to honor their own truth than compromise it for the sake of fitting in. Still, even Luna, largely content with being an oddball, loves her friends so dearly that she paints their portraits on her ceiling. Aquarius can be loony and still be loved.

Pisces: Ravenclaw

Ravenclaws are known for their intelligence, but book smarts are only part of the picture. Emotional intelligence is just as important and just as evident in members of this brainy house. No sign embodies this sort of abstract understanding better than Pisces. Those born between February 19 and March 20 are deeply in tune with emotions, dreams, the subconscious, and all other forms of knowledge less concrete than what can be found in books. It's easy to dismiss this as a lesser sort of genius, but in fact, it requires uniquely potent brainpower. As Dumbledore asks Harry as their walk through limbo comes to an end in "Deathly Hallows," why should something "happening inside your head ... mean that it is not real?"

Sadly, Pisces' intimate acquaintance with emotionality can have tragic consequences. Helena Ravenclaw — better known to Hogwarts students as the Grey Lady, Ravenclaw's house ghost — is a brutal example of this path. As Rowena Ravenclaw's daughter, Helena felt overshadowed by her mother's mythic brilliance. Swallowed by dark emotions, Helena stole Rowena's intelligence-enhancing diadem and fled to Albania. She was eventually murdered by the Bloody Baron, who also roams Hogwarts' halls as a forbidding specter. Helena's Piscean nature hasn't dissipated over the decades. In the 1940s, young Tom Riddle manipulated her into revealing the diadem's whereabouts by pretending to be an empathetic listener. Thus, the diadem became a horcrux — and one more sad chapter in Helena Ravenclaw's history.