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Exclusive Clip: Get A Sneak Peek At Scott Adkins' New Movie One Shot

Scott Adkins is one of the most recognizable and beloved action stars around, and his new project is unlike anything he's ever done before in his long career.

On November 5, 2021, action fans will be able to catch Adkins — who will also appear in "John Wick 4" — in "One Shot," an ambitious new movie directed by James Nunn and written by Jamie Russell that tells a seemingly standard story for an action flick... with a clever filmmaking twist. This movie, which also stars Ashley Greene Khoury (who you might recognize as Alice Cullen from "The Twilight Saga") and Ryan Phillippe, stars Adkins as Navy SEAL Lieutenant Blake Harris, who is tasked with interrogating an apparently dangerous prisoner of war that might have knowledge of a forthcoming terrorist attack on United States soil. Accompanied by Zoe Anderson (Greene Khoury), a CIA analyst, they try and crack Amin Mansur (Waleed Elgadi), who keeps insisting that he's completely innocent. However, before long, a new problem arises — mercenaries, who attack the high-security prison in droves. On top of this gripping story, "One Shot" uses the same moviemaking trick as Sam Mendes' award-nominated war flick 1917... in that the film is edited to appear as if it's one continuous shot.

Looper has an exclusive look at this fast-paced action thriller, so if you're excited about Adkins' newest movie, you're in luck. Here's a sneak peek at "One Shot."

This tense clip from One Shot teases an action-packed thrill ride

In this clip, Greene Khoury's Zoe reveals that European terrorist cells have been using radioactive parts from hospital scanners, alarming Amin and drawing derision from her colleague Tom Shields (Terence Maynard). While Amin continues to beg for mercy, claiming he's just an innocent businessman, Blake, Tom, and Zoe try to figure out their next move, even though the three of them don't seem to agree on basically anything.

While Zoe points out that Amin could be their "one shot" to stop a terrorist attack from hitting Washington D.C., Tom pushes back, saying that Blake's men could end up risking their lives over bad intelligence. Eventually, Blake decides to take Zoe's word for it, enraging Tom, but Blake tells Tom his only orders are to get the prisoner out of the compound alive; clearly, he'll do whatever is necessary. As he straps Amin into a bulletproof vest, Blake tells the frightened man, "If you try anything, I swear to God you will regret it," though Amin continues to insist that they have the wrong person. Ultimately, Blake tells Zoe to shoot Amin if he does anything wrong, and the mission gets going.

"One Shot" will be in theaters and available to stream on demand on November 5, 2021.