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Why Doritos' New Day Of The Dead Commercial Has The Internet In Tears

The Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos is a celebration of life, described by a New York Times writer as "an intimate family tradition, a moment to remember and honor those we have lost, and allow them back into our homes, even just for an evening." Recently, to celebrate Día de los Muertos, Doritos Mexico released a commercial titled "Nunca Es Tarde Para Ser Quien Eres." 

The Doritos commercial, which translates to "It's never too late to be who you are," went viral online and currently sits at more than 15 million views on YouTube alone. The animated advertisement sees a family of five approaching their Uncle Alberto's altar, which is surrounded by candles and flowers. As his sister places a bowl of Doritos in front of a framed portrait, he returns from the dead to greet them — and he's not alone. Alberto's partner, Mario, is by his side. This draws initial surprise from his family, though his sister claps and exclaims, "What a miracle! I thought you would be alone forever!"

After going viral, the commercial received some backlash, though many viewers walked away in tears.

Doritos Mexico continues their #PrideAllYear campaign

Viewers were surprised by the LGBTQ+ inclusivity in the Doritos "Nunca Es Tarde Para Ser Quien Eres" commercial. "Love the new Doritos commercial!" tweeted queer director Q. Allan Brocka. "The folks who regularly call us 'snowflakes' and make fun of trigger warnings are coming unglued over this sweet depiction of queer love and acceptance."

Others praised the portrayal of an older gay couple, noting that it was a nod to those who come out later in life. "I never thought a Doritos commercial would make me cry. This is so beautifully done," shared @KitterleCathy. In fact, the shock over crying at an advertisement for cheese-flavored chips was a recurrent theme in reactionary posts. "I never thought a #Doritos commercial would have me ugly crying," admitted @jlaflen72. "I love it."

"to my Hispanic (mutuals), I am BALLING FROM THIS DORITOS COMMERCIAL," @avsyoongi wrote, adding crying emojis to her post.

The brand gave a statement to The Advocate, saying that this was "an opportunity for Doritos Mexico to celebrate love and our commitment to the LGBTQ+ community every day. With the commercial [...] we want to say that it's never too late to share your true self, and when you are ready, we will support you."