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Every Game You Can Play On Netflix Gaming

It's official: Netflix Gaming is here for all Android users. Netflix began getting serious about gaming earlier this year, announcing that not only would the streaming platform be adding games, but the cost of Netflix Gaming was actually minimal — it's included with regular Netflix subscriptions. Now, Netflix users have access to those games and can enjoy them on their mobile device anytime they want.

In Netflix Gaming's launch announcement, Netflix explained out that every user on the Netflix account can play the games, which are accessible through a limited number of users, the same way that traditional Netflix subscriptions do. Additionally, the announcement explained that "Kids" profiles won't be able to access the games without the same PIN that's created by parents.

Five games have been made available through Netflix Gaming at launch, and whether you're a "Stranger Things" super-fan or you prefer more traditional mobile gaming experience, there's a little something included in the lineup for every Netflix subscriber.

Stranger Things: 1984

"Stranger Things" fans will be happy to know that Netflix Gaming offers two games based on the hit television show. The first one, "Stranger Things: 1984," is a dungeon-crawling adventure game that some fans have compared to "The Legend of Zelda."

First released in 2017, "Stranger Things: 1984" is set in Hawkins and follows the series' characters as they solve puzzles and battle monsters around town. Each of the characters have special abilities, which will come in handy when trying to clear specific sections of the game. Players can also collect "Eggos and gnomes," which the Google Play listing for the game has hinted may unlock hidden treasures in the game.

The game features an old school pixelated graphic style that looks pretty similar to games that were released back in 1984. It's also received pretty decent reviews from users since it's initial launch, almost reaching four out of five stars on Google Play.

Stranger Things 3: The Game

For "Stranger Things" fans that want a different take on the series, "Stranger Things 3: The Game" might be up their alley. As the title implies, this game follows the events of the third season of the show. 

In "Stranger Things 3: The Game," players can pick one of 12 characters from the show that have to fight through Hawkins and the mysterious realm known as The Upside Down. Along their way, they have to contend with corrupt government agents and all kinds of monsters. The game is also playable with others, thanks to the addition of two-player local co-op — which might help with some of the more chaotic battles and brain-twisting puzzles in the game.

"Stranger Things 3: The Game" has received better user reviews than "1984," which may entice fans to give both titles a shot. After all, fans need something to tide themselves over until "Stranger Things" Season 4 drops in 2022.

Shooting Hoops

Now it's time to take a look at the games in Netflix's line-up that are unconnected to the streaming platform's original programming. The description on the Google Play store describes the thought process behind "Shooting Hoops" to perfection: "A basketball with a dart gun attached? Sure, why the heck not?"

In a title that gives a whole new meaning to the term "shooting hoops," players must shoot darts to try to sink shots into a basketball hoop. There are also power-ups available to alter the ball's physics and to help players boost their score. With a high enough score, there are a variety of basketball customization options to choose from. These various balls — including tennis balls and 8-balls — also add further challenges, since they all weigh differently and react differently to your shots.

With a relatively simple concept and a few fun twists, it's a perfect game for someone just looking to pass the time. It won't get your heart racing like "Stranger Things," but casual players should enjoy trying to get "nothing but net."

Card Blast

If you enjoy a good game of Poker and are relatively familiar with how the game works, then "Card Blast" might be the ideal Netflix Gaming title for you. In the game, a conveyor belt will be bringing cards out for you to grab. The goal is to assemble three different winning hands with the cards that come out. It's basically a fast-paced version of Poker that has you competing against a conveyor belt instead of the house.

There are various power-ups that can do things like freeze the conveyor belt to allow you to collect yourself. Although "Card Blast" is a single-player game, there are online leaderboards that you can fight your way to the top of. While luck does play a part in the game, quick thinking and familiarity with real-life card games will get you far as well. And best of all, each round will take far less time than most actual Poker games.

Teeter (Up)

With 150 levels to explore, "Teeter (Up)" looks like a solid time-killer for someone looking for a challenge. The goal of the game is to move around a platform in order to get a ball through a hole. It sounds easy, but when the only enemy is yourself and gravity, things can get pretty stressful pretty quickly.

The description for the game explains that it's compatible with 3D Touch technology for devices that have it, meaning that players can press the screen harder and softer to better control the platform. There are also motion controls, and the game has a few surprises in store for players who happen to shake their phone — whether you do that out of frustration or in order to uncover the game's "easter egg" is up to you.

"Teeter (Up)" is a single-player game only, and there are no leaderboards to compete with, either. Instead, players are free to play this one at their leisure.