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The Mummy Video Introduces Russell Crowe's Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

If you know anything about Dr. Jekyll, it's that he can be kind of up and down. And a new preview video for The Mummy reveals just how much his moods can swing.

Syfy shared the video, which formally introduces Jekyll, played by Russell Crowe, in the upcoming Tom Cruise monster movie. Although the first teasers and trailers downplayed the role a little, this clip makes it clear that Jekyll is at the center of everything.

He runs Prodigium, a society dedicated to fighting monsters. He's kind of the Nick Fury of the rebooted Universal monster universe. But, if you watch all the way to the end, you'll spot a brief appearance by Jekyll's bad side: Mr. Hyde.

The Mummy is the first movie in the expanded monster universe (like how Iron Man set up The Avengers), and there's plenty more on the way. Johnny Depp is on board to play the Invisible Man in an upcoming movie, while Variety reports that Javier Bardem will play Frankenstein.

The Mummy arrives in theaters June 9. Check out the video above, then take a look at some other reboots we can't wait to see.