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The Samuel L. Jackson Thriller Flop Gaining New Life On Netflix

Some movie titles don't really tell you what you're in for. You could swap the titles for "Insidious," "Sinister," and "Malevolent" with one another and still only have the vague idea that evil things are afoot in those stories. But then, there are the movie titles that dare to defy traditional convention and let you know precisely what you can expect when you sit down to watch it. For "Snakes on a Plane," you better believe you're going to see reptiles in the sky.

The instantly meme-able film rocked the internet when it was initially announced prior to its 2006 release. Add in the charismatic Samuel L. Jackson to the cast, and you have a surefire recipe for success ... or so, that's what producers thought. 

The film only grossed $62 million worldwide upon its release, which seems paltry when considering the amount of buzz surrounding it before it dropped. Fortunately, you can now get a taste of what audiences missed back in the day now that the flick's streaming on Netflix.

Snakes on a Plane delivers on its title

How exactly do snakes end up on the plane? We're glad you asked.

It all has to do with Sean Jones (Nathan Phillips), who witnesses a murder committed by gang boss Eddie Kim (Byron Lawson). He has to go on a flight from Hawaii to California to testify against Eddie, and he has an FBI escort in the form of Agent Neville Flynn (Samuel L. Jackson) to make sure he stays safe while onboard. Of course, Eddie Kim gets wind of the transportation situation and plans on releasing snakes on the flight to kill Sean and everyone else.

It's just as ridiculous and amazing as it sounds, and it has Jackson delivering one of the most iconic lines of his entire career. If you're in the mood for a cheesy B-movie with outlandish dialogue and actors having a blast, this film is right up your alley. And many critics seem to agree. As long as you accept the cheesiness of the premise, you're in for a great time. That's according to Guardian reviewer Peter Bradshaw, who wrote, "All those CGI snakes can be quite shudder-inducing. But there is also something cheerfully ridiculous in the way the film switches to rubber snakes for hand-to-hand combat."

People appear to be rediscovering the flick, seeing how it's entered Netflix's Top 10 Movies at the moment. Don't miss out on the fun, and check out these monkey-fighting snakes on this Monday-to-Friday plane now.