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The Office Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered which character you might be on "The Office"? Are you a dreamer like Pam? A stickler like Angela? A needy goofball like Michael Scott? Or are you just there to punch in and punch out like Stanley? Or is it not necessarily your personality traits you use to judge which character you'd be, but your situation? Maybe you're in a job whose duties are over your head like Kevin, or you're holding a torch for an unavailable coworker like Jim. 

Well, along with every other way you might figure out who you are on "The Office," there's always your zodiac sign. Whether you give credence to it or not, astrology has been around for millennia, and many still believe whichever star sign you fall under can tell you a lot about who you are. So whether it's just for fun or it could actually offer you some valuable insight, let's discover who you might be on "The Office," based on what astrology tells us about you.

Aries: Jim Halpert

Among the many terms you could use to describe John Krasinski's Jim Halpert, one of them has to be "untapped potential." In the first couple of seasons of "The Office," we learn that not only is Jim one of the top-performing salespeople at Dunder Mifflin Scranton, but that he's achieved that status without trying very hard or caring very much. He manages it in spite of spending a huge percentage of his time either crushing on Pam or tormenting the office's top salesman, Dwight Schrute. Jim eventually becomes the actual assistant manager of the branch — as opposed to Dwight's useless assistant "to the" manager title — and even before that, he occasionally finds ways to circumvent Michael Scott's rank when real leadership is needed.

Because of this, if you're Aries, your "The Office" character is Jim. Astrology.com describes those who fall under the Aries sign as the "leaders of the pack" as well as calling them "fearless" and "pioneering." Now, that might understandably sound strange considering a lot of what Jim does on the show, but as the series progresses, it becomes clear that when Jim lets them, his natural leadership qualities shine through. We see it happen with Season 2's "Office Olympics" when Michael and Dwight's brief absence gives him a chance to lead the branch in a series of hilarious games, and we see it the following season when Jim moves to Dunder Mifflin Stamford and quickly rises up the ranks in the new branch.

Taurus: Creed Bratton

Tauruses rejoice! Your sign makes you one of the most interesting and admittedly disturbing employees of Dunder Mifflin Scranton. While initially little more than a background character, the bits and pieces revealed about Creed Bratton's life over the years paint an intriguing and confusing picture. Among the things we do know about Creed is that he regularly forgets his coworker's names, steals from almost everyone, has been both a cult leader and a cult follower, implies he got his name from someone he murdered, and shows up to work one day covered in blood splatter.

Now, if you're a Taurus, we're not suggesting you lead — or have to, or should lead — quite as colorful a life, but since Astrology.com says those under the Taurus sign "revel in delicious excess," we think that describes Creed pretty well. Sure, a lot of his strange behavior presumably stems from years of drug use, but in "Casino Night," the Season 2 finale, he explains his penchant for stealing with, "It's just something I do. I stopped caring a long time ago." For better or worse, Creed is a guy who wants what he wants and doesn't let anybody else's morality, or the threat of being seen as bizarre, get in his way.

You could make the argument, of course, that both Kevin and Meredith would make more fitting candidates for the Taurus. But whereas Creed does what he does for pure pleasure, Kevin and Meredith's excessive behavior seems to stem more from addiction and compulsion.

Gemini: Oscar Martinez

As noted on Astrology.com, intellectual pursuits are the playground of the Gemini, so if that's where you fall, you would be Oscar Nunez' Oscar Martinez on "The Office." We don't hear a lot from Oscar in the first couple of seasons of the show, though in Season 2, a subplot develops beginning with "The Secret" in which we learn Oscar is gay, although no one at the branch knows about it. After Michael outs him in "Gay Witch Hunt," the Season 3 premiere, we steadily see Oscar open up more and it's clear he's the most intellectually inclined employee at Dunder Mifflin Scranton, with Toby as a close second.

In Season 2's "Conflict Resolution," it's Oscar's intellectual leanings that lead him to complain passionately about Angela's baby poster, saying it "destroys art." His intellectualism comes out in ugly ways in Season 3's "Business School" when Pam overhears Oscar and Gil disparaging her artwork. In Season 4's "Branch Wars," Oscar is one of the members of the Finer Things Club and is the most openly hostile toward Jim's brief membership in the elite gathering. His large vocabulary and debate techniques are likewise on full display in Season 5's "The Surplus" when he leads the faction of the branch petitioning Michael to replace their photocopier.

Cancer: Phyllis Lapin-Vance

One of the more interesting things that doesn't seem to come up quite often enough on "The Office" is the fact that Michael and Phyllis went to high school together, although Phyllis is never shy about reminding her coworkers about it. When Michael refers to her as an older woman in Season 2's "Sexual Harassment," she reminds him they're the same age. When Michael asks her if she ever "experimented" with other women in college in "Gay Witch Hunt," Phyllis informs Michael and everyone in else in the conference room that she — and most of their classmates — thought Michael was gay in high school.

The fact that Phyllis has grown up in her hometown with seemingly little interest in leaving, and expresses some angry pride in her town when Karen unintentionally disses her perfume in Season 3's "The Merger," tells us she's very much about the home as are those born under the Cancer sign, per Astrology.com. So if you were born between June 21 and July 22, you are Phyllis, who Toby's adorable daughter mistook as Mother Goose in Season 2's "Take Your Daughter to Work Day."

Leo: Kelly Kapoor

According to Astrology.com, Leos are ambitious and thrive on being the center of attention. The latter trait makes the Leo sign a hotly contested one among characters in "The Office." Michael, Andy, and Todd Packer all fit the bill. Even Jan, after she's fired from Dunder Mifflin, develops some attention-grabbing habits like loudly singing, or whatever it is you call the thing she does with her voice, that might fit the Leo sign.

But of all the limelight-stealers on "The Office," we think Mindy Kaling's Kelly Kapoor is the best avatar for Leos. Unlike all those other candidates, Kelly thrives as the center of attention. One-on-one, her stream-of-consciousness celebrity gossip can be a lot to bear, but when she's in front of the crowd, she shines. It's no wonder she was chosen as the sole Customer Relations employee at the branch. The other attention-stealers, like Michael and Andy, would arguably lead much happier lives if they didn't focus on getting attention quite so much. At the very least, everyone around them would be happier. 

Virgo: Dwight Schrute

There are a lot of words you can use to describe Rainn Wilson's Dwight K. Schrute. Judgmental? Sure. Cruel? Often. Gullible? Definitely. Fashion-forward? Never. You can also call him precise, critical, and dutiful, and Astrology.com marks these all as the qualities of Virgos. Love him or hate him, if you're a Virgo, you're Dwight.

Anyone who's spent any time at all watching "The Office" shouldn't have trouble remembering times when Dwight was critical or precise. His dictating of rules during what should be stress-free, easy-going events are legendary, such as his insistence on speedy acceptance speeches during the Season 2 premiere "The Dundies." Then there's his utterly useless attempt to seem intimidating while wearing elf ears and issuing orders on when and how his coworkers should place presents under the tree in Season 2's "Christmas Party." 

Of course, as exacting and criticizing as he is, all of that flies out the window when it comes to Michael Scott. With a few notable exceptions, Dwight will always bend over backward to break the same rules he claims to uphold for Michael, and his critical eye will always take a vacation when it comes to Scott's shenanigans. That's because, as Astrology.com describes the Virgo, Dwight is "born to serve."

Libra: Michael Scott

Now, we wouldn't blame you if up until now you've been yelling at the screen that a sign we attached to another "The Office" character should belong to Steve Carell's Michael Scott. After all, in spite of himself, he does sometimes — moreso later in the series — display genuine leadership qualities like an Aries. He's very much attached to the home, just like a Cancer, and obviously like a Leo he loves being the center of attention. 

However, out of all the signs, the one that really speaks to the core of Michael Scott is the Libra because, as Astrology.com notes, Libras are "focused on others" because they "do not want to be alone." At the end of the day, that's what Michael Scott is all about — not being alone. Everything else about him springs from his fears of not having friends or someone to grow old with. For him, Dunder Mifflin Scranton is a place to go to make friends, and eventually a wife. That's why to him, the worst crime you could commit as one of his employees isn't being lazy — it's disturbing the fun that he thinks will bring him closer to his coworkers, which is why Toby Flenderson is his nemesis.  

After all, while it's understandable to see Michael as an attention-hungry Leo, people under that sign thrive in the spotlight. Michael, arguably, doesn't thrive at the center of attention. He wants to, but really it's something he forces in hopes of winning the friendship and love he craves. 

Scorpio: Angela Martin

Astrology.com says the world of Scorpios is one of "black and white," with "little use for gray." It also calls them "adept investigators." If you're a Scorpio, we really don't think there's any closer "The Office" character to you than Angela Martin. 

Honestly, if you're familiar with "The Office," as soon as you read the words "black and white" Angela should spring to mind immediately. From her assurance during the Desert Island game of Season 2's "The Fire" that she would bring Dan Brown's novel "The Da Vinci Code" with her just so she could burn it, to her constant characterization of Pam as being promiscuous, including calling her "the office mattress" in Season 4's "Fun Run," to the horrible way she treats Oscar after finding out he's gay, it's clear there's no moral ambiguity in the world of Angela Martin. 

Angela is also a good investigator when she wants to be. She has enormous blind spots — like when she's oblivious to Senator Lipton's affairs in Season 7 — but when Angela wants to find something out, she's good at it. For example, it's clear in "Office Olympics" she has an idea something's going on between Pam and Jim earlier than most.

Sagittarius: Robert California

Probably the most well-remembered line of dialogue of James Spader's Robert California is in Season 8's "Turf War" when, while on the phone with Andy, he refers to himself as "the f***ing Lizard King." It's a reference, of course, to The Doors' song "Not to Touch the Earth," which ends with the late singer/poet saying, "I am the Lizard King. I can do anything."

Anyone who wields poetry, philosophy, and other cerebral tools the way Robert California does is likely going to find themselves under the sign of the Sagittarius, as described on Astrology.com. People like California are "truth-seekers." Of course, in his case, he's used the things he's learned on his journey not just to get closer to the meaning of life and solve existential dilemmas, but to get ahead. It's taught him to intimidate interviewers, for example, like when he reduces Toby, Gabe, and Jim into quivering masses when we meet him in "Search Committee." But behind his penchant for using his knowledge for advancement is a genuine search for truth. He's kind of like Tyler Durden in "Fight Club," but with a lot less fist fighting or terrorist ambitions.  

Capricorn: Darryl Philbin

As you can see on Astrology.com, one of the images most closely associated with the Capricorn is that of the mountain goat, and fittingly people under this sign are known for being hard workers. Not only do they commit to their job, but they're persistent, and they keep coming back every day and giving their 100%, convinced one day it will pay off. If you're a Capricorn and this sounds familiar, your character on "The Office" is pretty obviously Craig Robinson's Darryl Philbin.

Darryl may not be the perfect employee in some respects. After all, in Season 2's "Boys and Girls," we find out he lets his workers keep a blow-up sex doll with Michael's face attached to it in the warehouse, and in Season 3's "Back from Vacation," he happily forwards the email of Michael applying suntan lotion to Jan. In fact, he even lets the warehouse workers turn it into a poster. But we have to remember who Darryl works for. Despite Darryl's hard work, Michael really only acknowledges Darryl when he needs something from him, and occasionally — like in Season 3's "Safety Training" — Michael practically demolishes the warehouse and leaves Darryl and his workers to clean up the mess. 

In spite of all that, Darryl keeps plugging away, and eventually, it pays off. He's moved out of the warehouse and into the office in Season 6's "St. Patrick's Day," and later in the series finale, we learn he's become the Vice President of Athlete Relations at Athlead.

Aquarius: Pam Beesly

If you're an Aquarius, Astrology.com describes you as a visionary. You not only want to make things better, but you also enjoy simply thinking of ways to achieve a more perfect world. Out of all the characters in "The Office," this best describes Jenna Fischer's Pam Beesly. 

Of course, when it comes to Pam, the "perfect world" she dreams of isn't so much a global one as it is the smaller world around her. She dreams about making her own life better, just like she dreams about making Dunder Mifflin Scranton a better place to work. But just like Jim is a lazy Aries who too often doesn't tune into his leadership qualities, one of the things that sadly defines Pam for much of "The Office" is that she's constantly pushing down her dreams for the sake of others. The most obvious examples are the things she gives up to keep Roy happy while she's still engaged to him, like the graphic design program in New York City.

It isn't until she's out from under Roy's thumb that Pam starts trying to open up to make her life better, whether that means fighting to get a better chair like in Season 5's "The Surplus" or when she follows Michael later that season to help him found the Michael Scott Paper Company. 

Pisces: Erin Hannon

Pisces, according to Astrology.com, are selfless and are "comfortable in an illusory world." If you're a Pisces, you may find a lot in common with Ellie Kemper's Erin Hannon. 

In particular, Erin is possibly the most selfless regular character we meet on "The Office." Often coming off as optimistic to a fault, naive, and not particularly bright, Erin throws herself into whatever task is given to her even if she doesn't really have a good idea of how to do it. For example, there's Season 9's "Vandalism," when Erin goes overboard trying to hide the fact that Darryl is working in Philadelphia, even though it turns out everyone already knows. Or earlier that season in "The Whale," when she dutifully hurries into the men's room at Dwight's say-so to yell at Stanley, "Eat it, Stanley!" without bothering to ask a single question about the insane request. 

Unlike Darryl, she doesn't do all this because she hopes for advancement — nor, like Dwight, does she do it out of loyalty — but because more than anything, Erin loves losing herself by helping the team, even if "helping" means doing ridiculous things.