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The Lost Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

In 2004, "Lost" hit the airwaves, and with it came years of fan theorizing, discussion, and debate. We wanted to know more about the characters pasts, and about how their paths had intertwined with stories on and off the island. Audiences tuned in week after week, feverishly waiting for the next mystery to be solved. In many ways "Lost" changed the way we watched our favorite shows, and changed the way television shows were made. In fact, it's often hard to remember what TV was like before "Lost."

The series — and by extension the island — was full of wildly different personalities. Everyone had their favorite character, whether it was the calm and collected Jack, the sexy firebrand Sawyer, or the mysterious and alluring Kate. While the twists, turns, and mysteries fascinated viewers, it was characters on Lost that we loved the most. The shipwrecked souls connected with us as we learned more about their life before and after they discovered the island. It's because of Sayid, Boone, Claire, Locke, and Charlie that the series is so beloved even a decade and a half later.

The characters and their stories reflected the complexities of our world as much as they did theirs, and as we watched we often saw in them a bit of ourselves. We compared our shared qualities and identified with them. We've taken a look at the cast of "Lost" and revealed who you might relate to most based on your zodiac. 

Aries: "Sawyer" James Ford

There couldn't be a more classic Aries than James "Sawyer" Ford. Aries' are confident and unquestioning, they know precisely what they want and they know just how to get it. An Aries has their own agenda and does things their way, and if that doesn't describe Sawyer in one simple line, nothing else could. 

Aries are empowered to take charge of any situation, and are quick to make decisions, with a tendency to say "I don't care" — and not just as a platitude. Sawyer makes his own rules and doesn't care if you play by them. In the early days on the island, Sawyer hoarded supplies, stashed guns away from the group, and used them to manipulate his fellow stranded islanders to get what he wanted. He made decisions for everyone whether they liked it or not, and to most people's surprise (and even the audience's) his decisions were often the right ones, even if you didn't know it at the time. For a while, he was even the person everyone looked to as the leader when Jack was out of the picture, because they recognized he was a man with a plan.

Like a typical Aries, Sawyer has fiery eyes, an unpredictable attitude, and a sharp tongue. He looks at every situation he's in as some kind of game, and one he knows he can win — the hallmark of a good con artist.

Taurus: Hugo Reyes

The traits most often associated with the Taurus sign are reliable and dependable, an island of tranquility in a sea of chaos. If there's any person on the island one could depend on, it was Hugo. It's why Jack chose him as the protector of the island, after all. At times though he can be stubborn, another Taurus trait. Hugo's catchphrase might as well be "uh-uh!" when asked to something he doesn't like, but he always agrees because you can always count on Hurley.

A Taurus likes predictability and dislikes change. They would prefer things to be dull but consistent rather than exciting but always changing. Before the crash Hurley won the lottery and he got everything he ever dreamed of, but time and time again his life was thrown into chaos because of it. In the end he tried to run from that success because he didn't want things to ever change.

Interestingly, to seduce a Taurus, some recommend a picnic with a "substantial" spread. When he and Libby began to bond, Hurley invited Libby to a picnic, and while the island didn't allow for a big meal, it seems likely that a large spread would be just what Hugo would want if he had his way. There are a lot of Tauruses on "Lost," but Hugo may be the biggest-hearted one of them all.

Gemini: Ana Lucia Cortez

If the cast of "Lost" had just one impulsive personality, the key description of a true Gemini, it was Ana Lucia. Quick to make decisions, whether they were good or bad (and they were unfortunately often very, very bad), Ana Lucia had many of the classic traits of the misunderstood twin sign. Geminis love to talk, but even more, they love a good argument, often described as a way the sign flirts. Ana Lucia always had something to disagree with, always had something to say to everyone, claiming to be an authority on every subject. She always needed to be the smartest person in the room even if she wasn't, and her fights with Sawyer belied a certain affection.

A Gemini uses humor as a crutch to get through hard times, and distract themselves from the troubles they find themselves in, and this police officer turned crash survivor always has a sly smile and a wry joke to tell when things get tough for her. At the same time, when she does take charge, she does so because she doesn't trust anyone else's judgment, another trait of the summer sign.

Ana Lucia, like a Gemini, is both introverted and extroverted; one moment she might be the life of the group, the next off in the corner brooding. She claims she doesn't need anyone, but as a true Gemini, she is deep down absolutely terrified of being alone. 

Cancer: Claire Littleton

In "White Rabbit" Kate tells Claire she's a Gemini, but we just can't agree. In our opinion, Claire Littleton is much more of a Cancer. Cancers are sensitive and emotional, always looking for comfort. After arriving on the island, Claire finds that comfort in the likes of Charlie, Hurley, and Kate who act as emotional support for the vulnerable single mother-to-be. 

Cancers forgive but never forget. Claire is willing look past Charlie's history to let him into her life as a quasi-father father-figure and partner. She even manages to forgive his later transgressions, but never forgets what he's done. A Cancer also has few boundaries, but when they do have them, they will not allow them to be crossed. In Claire's case, it's her baby, and when Charlie inadvertently takes Aaron down to the water during a hallucination, it causes an almost irreconcilable rift between them. And of course, when Aaron is taken off the island and Claire is left behind, it turns Claire from a nurturing young mother into a frazzled shell of herself.

In love, the Cancers are attracted to those who make them feel accepted, which is what draws her to Charlie. Her loneliness and need for affection, also like a Cancer, brings her back to him even when he has betrayed her trust.

Leo: Charlie Pace

The Leo sign is known for being a show-off, and perhaps even narcissistic. We can't think of a bigger show-off on the island than Charlie Pace, guitarist for "Driveshaft" who reveled in being a "a bloody rock god." Even lost at sea, Charlie loves to flaunt his prior fame and reminisce about his days as a rockstar (and one-hit-wonder) with anyone who will listen. One weakness of Leo's is their tendency to be "driven to excess", something that has always haunted Pace, as he struggled to escape his addictions on and off the island.

Like Charlie, the typical Leo uses anger as a way of keeping people at bay, something we saw quite a bit of on "Lost." When he was hurting or in trouble, Charlie had a tendency to lash out.  A Leo also looks for praise, and when they don't get it, they can become unpredictable. At his worst, when he was ostracized for unwittingly taking Claire's baby, and nobody would believe that he wasn't really responsible, he actually aided in Sawyer's twisted plan to attack Sun and blame The Others.

But Leos are also kind and loving, and Charlie demonstrated on more than one occasion his true character as a good and loyal friend. He was there for his friends when they needed support, and he ultimately sacrificed his life to warn everyone of an imminent attack by Charles Widmore.

Virgo: Boone Carlyle

According to some charts, being useful is important to a Virgo. Before the island, Boone complained of always having to "rescue" his step-sister Shannon from various troublesome predicaments, usually using money to quickly buy her way out of whatever sticky situation she was in. When Boone first arrived on the island, one of his first acts was trying to save the life of a choking woman, despite clearly not being as qualified as the doctor on the scene, Jack Shephard. Later, after his sister is dismissive of him, it's his need to feel useful that drives him towards a friendship with Locke, in the hopes of learning the hunting and gathering skills Locked seemed to possess.

Boone is also exceptionally judgmental, mostly of his sister, but others too, and this is another common trait of Virgos, even if they have good intentions. In Boone's case, he only wanted to help his step-sister and hoped she would see how much he loved her.

According to our handy chart, Virgos "actively seek out messes" and this could also explain his romantic attraction to his step-sister, a woman who is emotionally unstable, moving from relationship to relationship, and was always getting into some kind of trouble before being stranded on the island.

Libra: Desmond Hume

Trapped in The Swan and forced to push a button all by himself after the accidental death of his cohort Kelvin, Desmond suffered from terrible loneliness. This is a key trait of the Libra, and it was Desmond's isolation (before and on the island) that defined him, whether that was being in military prison, or trapped in the hatch.

Libras want to be respected, they want to be seen as responsible, charming and charismatic. Desmond, likewise, is constantly seeking the approval of Penny's father, Charles Widmore. Widmore doesn't believe Desmond is accomplished enough for his daughter. Desmond finds the island during his attempt to gain Widmore's approval. In the 'sideways' timeline, before his 'awakening' Desmond is this person: suave, debonair, capable, and able to charm his girlfriend's father, and those around him.

Though Libra's put on a good front, they are often terrified of judgment, yet cannot help avoiding the spotlight. This feels a lot like when Desmond attempted to avoid his fate over and over, but kept ending up back at the island to fulfill his part in saving it. Another key trait of the Virgo is the fear that their fear will prevent them from living a happy life. This is very much Desmond too, who ran from Penny for many years before finally going after the life he really wanted. 

Scorpio: Ben Linus

Guessing a person's zodiac sign can be a tricky thing. Most people are multi-faceted, complex individuals, and can be tough to fit in a box based on superficial observations. Sometimes one must look deeper than a few common traits, but other times, it's painfully obvious. In short: if you think of "Lost" characters who might be a Scorpio and don't think of Ben Linus, you're doing something very wrong.

Scorpios are notoriously hard to understand, and it took nearly a full season of "Lost" before the audience, or the characters, knew who Ben really was: the puppet master who leads "The Others," and not the wayward balloonist Henry Gale. Scorpios are hard to decipher, it's often difficult to tell if what they are saying is true or some kind of twisted joke. They are perceptive, can be manipulative, and use their wits alone to discover the true nature of the people around them.

Scorpios are unflinching in the face of death and pain. What Scorpios do fear is being vulnerable, of being opened up for others to see, because opening up means surrendering their power. And a Scorpio's happiness comes from their power, because control over others is the only thing that makes them feel safe in the midst of the chaos around them. If this is not a perfect description of sinister mastermind Benjamin Linus, then this isn't the list you were looking for.

Sagittarius: John Locke

If you know anything about Sagittarius, you know it is the sign of the wanderer, always seeking knowledge, always invested in new challenges, and thriving off of exploration of the human condition. The Sagittarius on "Lost" is the dedicated adventurer John Locke, who has been searching for knowledge and new experiences his entire life. It was a "walkabout" — a spiritual and physical journey of self-discovery — that brought him to the island in the first place, and it was his search for his own truth that lead him to the hatch. 

Locke's drive for truth turned him down a dark path, got Boone killed, and cost him the friendship of his closest ally, Jack, but for him it was a necessary journey. Because Sagittarius is the fearless adventurer, not just on the hunt for new exciting experiences, but an adventure of the human soul. The ninth sign Sagittarius knows that true knowledge comes from within, and so did Locke, who counseled more than one of his fellow castaways on how to search within themselves for their own meaning.

With a knife in one hand and a book in the other, Locke was literally and figuratively the warrior-poet, the truest trait of the Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Jack Shephard

Capricorns are known for avoiding attention, happy with staying out of the limelight, but not immune to its allure. Capricorns don't necessarily dislike attention, they are just not drawn to it. More than attention or praise, they want to be respected for their talents almost as a way of proving to themselves that they are worthy. Reluctant island leader Jack Shephard embodies these sensibilities of the Capricorn. Typically calm and level-headed, Jack is always struggling with being recognized, particularly by his father. Like a Capricorn, he wants acknowledgment for all he has accomplished.

A Capricorn is disciplined and responsible, often pushing others to be better when those around them aren't, and so does Jack. The take-charge leader, he remained calm in a crisis, even as a smoke monster and "others" came violently to their doorstep. Jack, who fought the pain of losing his wife, and was distant with his son, embodied the Capricorn trait of pushing aside emotions that would slow him down. This led Jack to strained relationships with everyone around him, much to his regret after the death of his father.

Capricorns tend to be the bearer of tremendous responsibility, and always seem to take on more and more of it, even if they can't handle it, sometimes leading to emotional isolation. Jack's challenge throughout "Lost" was to finally let go and accept that he can't fix everything, just like his sign.

Aquarius: Eloise Hawking

Eloise Hawking is perhaps the most enigmatic character on "Lost." Raised on the island, she met Locke while he traveled through time. She shot and killed her own son decades before he was born. In a past quasi-parallel reality she seemed aware of people and events she ought not to. Stoic and unmoved by most things, she is motivated by a duty to protect the island above all else. 

Given these traits, we must assign Aquarius to Ms. Hawking. The philosophizer, the true believer, one of the island's most long-standing protectors, she embodies the spirit of Aquarius. "Aquarians are lofty philosophers, perusing the dating pool from their perch on a mountain top," and Eloise, after leaving the island, is seemingly the only one to be able to track its location, doing so out of a unique observation room where she poured over data and used a kind of science she may have even devised herself. In the 1950s, Eloise made it her mission to discover the truth behind the people who came into her camp — Daniel, Charlotte, Locke, and Miles — and this too is classic Aquarius, always seeking to figure out others around them.

If we could have picked another "Lost" character for Aquarius, we might have also chosen Hawking's wayward son Daniel, who in his own way is a more flighty version of the Aquarius, always running his experiments and a believer in conspiracy theories.

Pisces: Jacob

The island's protector Jacob wasn't introduced until the show's fifth season, and even then we knew almost nothing about him. He dressed in rags, disheveled, aloof, and with seemingly only one friend in the world, his nameless nemesis referred to by fans as the Man in Black (no, not Johnny Cash). He first appeared sitting on the shore watching an old sailing ship, The Black Rock, come crashing into the island, and we all raised an eyebrow when he took credit for bringing the ship there, apparently having powers beyond that of mortal men.

Hard to define, impossible to predict, Jacob was the biggest source of fan theorizing since "The Hatch" in the show's first season. As the final episodes of "Lost" unfolded, we got more and more glimpses of Jacob, and learned a little more about him each time, culminating in "Across The Sea" in Season 6. Hopeful, endlessly optimistic, always living with his head in the clouds, Jacob grew up under the watchful eye of his more cynical mother. He was always firm in his beliefs, but often struggled to prove his case to The Man In Black — and the castaways when he met them — because his beliefs were based on emotion and feeling, and not on hard data. The enigma, the mystery, the kind and loving man in the lighthouse.

Jacob is our pick for Pisces, the sign of the fish.