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Check Out A New Featurette For Sony And Marvel's Morbius

Jared Leto's take on one of Marvel's toothiest antiheroes has been waiting in the wings for some time now, preparing for its release. On Monday, Sony Pictures revealed a brand new featurette focused on his character in "Morbius" (via YouTube). Much like Tom Hardy's character, Venom, Morbius began as a villain, facing off against Spider-Man in the comics before becoming an antihero. Now, as another of Sony's "Spider-Man" library is adapted for the screen, Morbius doesn't appear to be crossing paths with the wall-crawling teen just yet. However, that's not to say he won't if hints from Leto in this featurette are anything to go by.

Directed by Daniel Espinosa ("Life," "Safe House"), "Morbius" sees Leto as the titular Michael Morbius, a doctor who suffers from a rare blood disorder. Naturally, as many brilliant-minded individuals in the Marvel universe often do, he resorts to slightly fantastic methods to cure himself, only to gain the inconvenient side effect of vampirism. From there, he's brooding in rafters, crawling up buildings, and growing a sharp set of teeth that would lead to an extortionate dentist visit. Can the man claw himself back from being a monster, or will Morbius descend into darkness and repeat visits to the blood bank?

It's an internal battle that Leto's leading man will no doubt endure while looking mighty cool doing so. Following the teaser trailer released in January 2020, there was certainly a far darker tone on display than the films featuring Tom Hardy's lethal protector. As new footage reveals, Morbius looks just as fierce without the levity.

Jared Leto promises there's a 'web of opportunity' for Morbius

Described by Jared Leto as 'brilliant, strong' and with 'powers out of his control,' Morbius looks to be going through a significant transformation as the weak doctor turned into an intensely powerful superhuman. All of that is, of course, amplified by some impressive special effects that see him viewing the world in a whole new way (that blurred-out bus looks to be quite a trip), as well as a striking shot of him descending on some clueless security guards. 

What's easily the most stand-out moment for fans, though, is Leto's closing comments. It's hard to ignore the turn of phrase the Oscar-winning actor chooses to comment on the future of his character. Toward the end of the featurette, he notes, "It will be fun to see where we can go with him. There's a web of opportunity."

Both the "Venom: Let There Be Carnage" post-credits scene, with its Spidey tease, and the previous trailer for "Morbius" featuring Michael Keaton's Vulture make it clear there is an effort from Sony to start folding the prominent Marvel web-slinger into their "Spider-Man" franchise. How that will all look has yet to be seen, but we'll undoubtedly get a glimpse when the full trailer for "Morbius" arrives on Tuesday, November 2.