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These Are Edgar Wright's Most-Watched Movies Of All Time

Edgar Wright is certainly no slouch when it comes to talking about movies. More than just a filmmaker, he's also an advocate for all things cinema and a full-blown film aficionado. While promoting his newest film, "Last Night in Soho," the director has spoken frequently about both movies he loves (via /Film) and the ones that have helped inspire him over the years. That trend continued during a recent Reddit AMA session, which saw Wright answering questions about everything from music in movies to the film that made him want to be a director in the first place.

The online Q&A also saw Wright reveal which films he's watched more than any others. Anyone familiar with Wright's filmmaking likely won't be surprised by a few of the choices, though, Wright did preface the list by saying, "I'm not sure what movie I've watched the most in my life." However, once that clarification was out of the way, Wright went on to reveal an eclectic list full of unique gems — and one cult classic that deserves a second look from cinephiles.

Edgar Wright's most-watched movies include one must-see cult classic

Edgar Wright says he's watched "2001: A Space Odyssey," "An American Werewolf in London," "This is Spinal Tap!" "Phantom of the Paradise," "Airplane!" and 1976's "Carrie" more than any other films. While all those movies are fantastic and make sense given Wright's filmmaking style and interests, "Phantom of the Paradise" is an especially interesting pick. 

The 1974 entry from Brian De Palma has slowly built a cult following over the decades (via CBC), thanks largely to positive word of mouth coming from fans like Wright. Set in a Faustian world filled with pop music, "Phantom of the Paradise" is unlike anything today's filmgoers have ever seen. It features an unforgettable soundtrack by Paul Williams, which helps the film tell its musical but horrific story of a talented singer-songwriter and the woman he loves. 

It's a strange, singular film, and Williams himself has admitted to being surprised by the love "Phantom of the Paradise" continues to receive. "It's a delight to see something that was basically ignored by the general population in 1974 that, thanks to the kind fans, has rolled on to something of a life today," Williams told Billboard in 2019.

Notably, this isn't the first time Edgar Wright has spoken of his love for "Phantom of the Paradise." The director hosted a screening of the film back in 2016, but it's clear from his recent Reddit comments that he remains a fervent admirer of the 1974 cult classic to this day.