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The Rare Loading Screen That Confuses GTA Fans Every Time

Having generated billions of dollars worth of revenue in just the past few years, "Grand Theft Auto 5" — more specifically, its multiplayer counterpart "GTA Online" — has been one of the most ubiquitous video games ever released, akin to titles like "Fortnite" and "Rocket League" constantly adding to their existing entry instead of moving on to a sequel. While this has helped preserve the popularity of "GTA 5" over the years, it has become a bit tiresome for fans who want "GTA 6", but are stuck with "GTA 5", and has even led to Rockstar giving up on titles while still in development. To give credit where it's due — Rockstar has done a good job at constantly adding new content to "GTA 5" free of charge.

 This constant stream of free content has been pivotal in keeping "GTA 5" current, even as new games have come along. Unfortunately, in their eagerness for new "GTA" content, fans have repeatedly mistaken a certain rare loading screen as a subtle announcement of new material. Even eight years after its initial release, gamers are still uncovering unsolved mysteries in "GTA 5." However, there are some aspects of the game that have been around forever, right under players' noses. Sometimes strange occurrences are hidden in things as innocuous as loading screens.

A certain loading screen in GTA V is so rare, many gamers think it came with an update

Despite its success, "GTA V" is also known for its excruciatingly long loading screen upon opening the game, which features studio-made art depicting characters in both "GTA Online" and the base game in various situations. And though these slow startup times have been significantly cut down since the release of the next-gen consoles (due to a group of modders finding a file that was causing the delay), they still linger long enough for players to occasionally catch glimpses of art they might not have seen yet, even after years of owning the game.

One such instance can be seen in a video published by YouTube user CFX, which shows several art slides that confused players. These images are so rare, in fact, that many players thought that they were an announcement for "GTA Online" DLC. However, these images weren't that new at all. In fact, these slides have likely been in the game since 2017 or earlier, when the video in question was uploaded. But they're so rarely generated, that fans were immediately inclined to assume that it's an update of some sort, even to this day.

This befuddlement can be found in the comments of the video. Even in recent months, users have flocked to the video, only to be disappointed by the loading screen not meaning anything in regards to more recent updates. Sorry, gamers. It looks like it's gonna be a long wait, so try not to throw much of a fit.