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Hannah John-Kamen Fights Goblins In Trailer For Upcoming Horror Movie Unwelcome

While many a great horror movie set in a haunted house can feature scary ghosts or sinister demons, there are plenty of supernatural threats to weave into a simple story about folks who feel unsafe at home. Sometimes, what plagues a house is far more terrifying — like killer goblins. This happens to be the case in the upcoming horror film "Unwelcome," starring "Ant-Man and the Wasp" alum Hannah John-Kamen, as well as Douglas Booth and Colm Meaney (via IMDb).

This week, Warner Bros. UK released the official trailer for "Unwelcome" (via YouTube), which teases a supremely chilling tale set in the Irish countryside. The trailer introduces viewers to Maya (John-Kamen) and Jaime (Booth), a young couple who move to a charming cottage in Ireland with the hopes of escaping the city bustle of London. The couple acquires the home after one of Jamie's relatives dies, and they couldn't be more grateful to have a place where they grow their family. As with many old ancestral homes, Maya and Jamie's new digs come with nosy neighbors and an unsettling tradition.

There's more evil than just killer goblins menacing a young couple in Unwelcome

As we see early in the trailer for "Unwelcome," the couple is warned by a neighbor that they must never forget to offer up a blood sacrifice, just like the previous owner of their home would do in the evenings. Maya, an expecting mother, does a double-take; did her new neighbor just say the words "blood" and "sacrifice"? The neighbor confirms and says it's meant to appease the "redcaps" — a horrible creature from Irish folklore with a murderous streak (via Mysterious Britain) — that live in her garden. Of course, it doesn't take long before she forgets to leave the blood offering and horror begins to circle the couple. Not long after, these tiny, murderous goblins are unleashed and begin to terrify Maya and Jamie, as well as the town's residents.

Aside from the killer creatures, it seems that the couple has another threat to deal with: the construction team they hire. In the trailer, we see members of the crew meant to repair their home instead peek into windows, make threats, and be generally creepy. At one point, Jamie is even warned not to leave Maya alone with any of the men. In another scene, we see a construction worker ("Game of Thrones" alum Kristian Nairn) dragged away by an unseen entity, screaming.

What is the real threat? Goblins or unsettling neighbors? Audiences will have to wait until "Unwelcome" arrives in theaters in 2022 to find out.