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Stephen King And Edgar Wright Had An Amazing Exchange About Last Night In Soho

It's always great to see two creative legends, revered in their own fields, having a brief chat, and talking shop when they get the chance. The most recent interaction that had fans buzzing was between one of the greatest horror writers in history having a few words to say about a director who isn't a stranger to the genre himself.

Before the release of "Last Night in Soho," which will be arriving in theaters this week, Stephen King was lucky enough to get an early showing of Edgar Wright's new time-jumping terror, probably because, well, he's Stephen King. After writing classics like "The Shining," "IT," "Pet Semetary," and "Salem's Lot," it's safe to say that he has a vague understanding of what makes the audience's blood turn cold and get them running for the hills. How did the Thomasin McKenzie/Anya Taylor-Joy-starring scare-fest fare to the guy that gave us REDRUM and vampire kids tapping at windows? Thankfully, pretty well, much to Wright's pleasure.

King recommends two viewings of Last Night In Soho

Taking to Twitter yesterday, King told his followers, "I got an advance look at Last Night In Soho, and plan to see it again when it opens on Friday. I hardly ever rewatch–there's so many good things out there–but this one is special. Time travel with a twist."

It's the sort of approval that any fan of King's would dream of seeing, knowing that a bit of your work struck a chord with one of the greatest writers of our lifetime. Naturally, Wright took the praise on board and clarified that King himself had an indirect part in the director's latest work.

Retweeting King's kind words, Wright said, "I would not have conceived Last Night In Soho without this man's writing, so this beautiful comment has made my year. And to get repeat business too? I am truly humbled." Now, if this could only usher in a Wright-directed King adaptation, well, that would be just swell. For now, we can see if his latest horror holds up when "Last Night In Soho" arrives in theaters October 29.