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Rengoku's Powers In Demon Slayer Explained

There's no shortage of top-shelf swordsmen in the popular shonen anime "Demon Slayer." The entire series is dedicated to the demon-slaying adventures of a corps that exclusively wields katanas in battle. However, few characters embody the concepts of discipline, enthusiasm, and fighting spirit as much as Kyojuro Rengoku, the fiery-haired Hashira of the Flame Breathing Style. Boisterous and overwhelmingly positive, Rengoku's go-getter attitude is hardly toned down in the midst of combat. As part of a long line of flame-wielding Demon Slayers, he has dedicated his life to mastering his art and never once hesitates to accomplish his goals.

As with many abilities in the "Demon Slayer" universe, Rengoku's powers may need some explaining. It's clear from his title as Hashira that he is very powerful, but the fighting styles of the Demon Slayer Corps aren't always so clear-cut. Rengoku may be a master of Flame Breathing, but what exactly does that mean? And why is it so powerful against demons? Here are Rengoku's abilities in the anime "Demon Slayer," explained.

Like all Demon Slayers, Rengoku is a master of Total Concentration Breathing

Regardless of which elemental Breathing Style a Demon Slayer specializes in, the foundation of their abilities is a technique known as "Total Concentration Breathing." Through a combination of arduous physical training and insane breathing exercises, a Demon Slayer is able to perform specialized breathing techniques which increase the amount of oxygen in the body and push it to the absolute limit. This is the secret to how Demon Slayers keep up with the superhuman strength and speed of Demons.

The training required to master this technique is so intense that only a handful of people are able to withstand it. In order to strengthen their lungs, Demon Slayers blow into increasingly large gourds until their breath is able to burst it from the inside out. The largest of these gourds is roughly equal in size to a chair, but the results are well worth the effort. In particular, Rengoku's speed and strength are honed to a similar level as Akaza, the fourth strongest demon in the world. During their battle in the film "Demon Slayer: Mugen Train," Rengoku's speed is so impactful that simply dashing on the roof of the train nearly derails it.

Rengoku's Flame Breathing style turns up the temp in the heat of battle

Aside from mastering Total Concentration Breathing, Demon Slayers also master an elemental breathing style that grants them an arsenal of moves during combat. Based on the original Sun Breathing style, Flame Breathing does almost exactly as the name suggests. Its various techniques, of which there are nine, seemingly summon flame from the user's blade and thereby burn their opponents in the midst of battle.

The first three techniques, or "forms," in the Flame Breathing style are relatively simple slashes made in various directions. However, they are accompanied by the style's signature fire, making them more devastating. The fourth form, "Burning Flame Undulation," sets itself apart by being both offensive and defensive. In it, the Demon Slayer moves their blade in a circular motion, blocking incoming attacks from all directions and repelling foes.

The fifth form, meanwhile, is certainly the most visually impressive. It is a sequence of slashes and strikes that morphs the wielder's flames into the shape of a tiger during execution. Nonetheless, nothing compares to the ninth and final form of Flame Style. While we never do see the sixth to eighth forms, the ninth form likely takes the cake. Named specifically for the Rengoku family, the Rengoku form involves a downward slash that burns so intensely that it leaves a scorch mark on the ground below.