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Check Out The First Trailer For The Kevin Smith Documentary CLERK.

Kevin Smith has had a career trajectory unlike any other filmmaker out there working today. While he attended film school for a short period of time, he ultimately dropped out and began work as a clerk at a convenience store. That experience would serve as the foundation for his entire career as he made it onto the independent filmmaking scene with a little-known movie called "Clerks."

When you think about movies that changed the industry, you may think of the likes of "The Matrix" or "The Dark Knight." They tend to be these massive blockbusters made by auteurs that have ripple effects throughout the rest of Hollywood. However, Kevin Smith, along with the likes of Quentin Tarantino, kickstarted something extraordinary in the early 1990s. They proved there was a place for low-budget, independent filmmaking among the major blockbusters. 

Now, you can witness the never-before-seen story behind the legendary director/writer/actor thanks to a new documentary titled "CLERK."

The trailer for CLERK. takes you on a ride through Kevin Smith's career

1091 Pictures has just come out with the trailer for "CLERK." It looks like it will take an all-encompassing look at the eclectic filmmaker's career through all of the ups and downs he's gone through. That includes not only his filmography but also his personal struggles to be taken seriously as an artist. It's all detailed in the trailer, and it looks like Smith has provided an unparalleled level of openness to the documentary film crew, allowing them to capture the deepest, darkest parts of his life and career. 

According to the movie's YouTube page, the film will include an assortment of interviews from the likes of the late, great Stan Lee, in addition to Justin Long, Penn Jillette, Jason Mewes, and Scott Mosier. With "Clerks III" set to come out at some point in 2022 tentatively, now's the perfect time for the documentary to come out. It should give fans a newfound appreciation for Smith's body of work, including all he's done in the realm of podcasting.

"CLERK." will be available to watch starting on November 23, 2021.