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Cheat Pharmacist Slow Life! Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Also titled "Cheat Kusushi no Slow Life — Isekai ni Tsukurō Drugstore," "The Slow Life of a Cheat Pharmacist," "Drug Store in Another World," or some combination thereof, "Cheat Pharmacist Slow Life!" is based on a light novel series by Kennoji and Matsuuni. The TV series stands firmly in the isekai anime genre, as it's about a character named Reiji Kirio who suddenly discovers that he's been transported to an alternate world, where his major skill is that of making medicine that doesn't taste bad. As far as skills go, it's not particularly exciting, but it does mean he can make some money and meet some people in this new place. 

This is also a healing, slice-of-life style anime, or iyashikei, so it's low-key, heartwarming, and fun. The series, which features multiple little stories in most of its 12 episodes, aired its 1st season from July through September, which means you may be wondering if a Season 2 is forthcoming. Here's what we know about the possibility that Crunchyroll will someday stream more of this easy-going series.

When is the release date of Cheat Pharmacist Slow Life! Season 2?

To be honest, renewal hopes for this show aren't high. My Anime List reports that the show — from production studio EMT Squared — didn't make much of a ratings splash when it aired this summer. While the manga has more chapters that could be adapted to the series, it has received mixed reviews from fans that don't engender much enthusiasm overall.

Based on the general turnaround time associated with anime television shows, if the series is greenlit for a 2nd season, it could release as soon as late 2022. However, the longer it takes to get renewed, the further out that date would be pushed. Of course, even if EMT Squared decides not to go for a full series, it could still decide to make an OVA — original video animation — to continue the story, flesh out the world, or add depth to the already-existing narrative. For example, "Cheat Pharmacist Slow Life!" could decide to delve more into Reiji's origins as a corporate drone before entering the alternate world.

EMT Squared has not issued any cancellation or renewal news yet, and it remains unclear if or when that will happen.

Who are the characters in Cheat Pharmacist Slow Life! Season 2?

The main character in "The Slow Life of a Cheat Pharmacist" is Reiji Kirio (Jun Fukushima), the corporate employee who suddenly finds himself in a different land, making potions for its inhabitants. He is joined by Noera (Risae Matsuda), a werewolf creature that he finds in the forest upon his arrival in the world. Reiji helps her recover from an attack by giving her a potion, earning her loyalty. Other friends include Mina (Akane Kumada), the ghost that inhabits the house Reiji settled on; Elaine (Satsumi Matsuda), a wealthy customer; Annabel (Mariko Higashiuchi), the president of a mercenary corps who is addicted to his medicines; and Ejiru (Fumiko Uchimura), the demon king who is in love with Noela (via Anime News Network). 

The staff of the anime includes director Masafumi Sato, writer Hiroko Kanasugi, animator Etsuko Sumimoto, and composer Tomoki Kikuya. Should the series get a second season, EMT Squared would presumably try to keep the same cast and crew. Still, it wouldn't be the first anime to switch art styles and voice actors between seasons, so it's hard to know what might happen at this point.

What is the plot of Cheat Pharmacist Slow Life! Season 2?

As a lighthearted, healing anime, the plots of "Drug Store in Another World" episodes aren't particularly complicated or intense. For example, Reiji invents deodorant, dishwashing detergent, and super glue. He also crafts some more fantasy-oriented concoctions like an energy potion, a truth potion, bandit repellant, and an aphrodisiac — some of which have comical effects on their users. The final episode of the first season — "Today's Prescription: Let's Open a Drugstore in Another World!" — focuses on Reiji brewing a few new potions (one for restoring dresses and one for preventing drunkenness) to help out his pals when Elaine decides to have a party. It wasn't exactly a cliffhanger. 

A second season, taking cues from the next volumes of the manga, might bring in a new fairy character named Bibi and have Reiji introduce barbecue to this fantasy land full of strange creatures. Of course, none of this will happen if the show isn't renewed.