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Criminal Minds: What Are All Of Reid's Qualifications?

The Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) in "Criminal Minds" is tasked with profiling and catching "unsubs," who usually take the form of dangerous serial killers. It's not exactly a job for everyone, and "Criminal Minds" proved that throughout its 15-season run by having a revolving door of characters. However, one of the characters who remained with the BAU team throughout the show's entire run was Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), an agent who was crucial in the solving of many cases. His character development during the show was notable as well, as more than a few cases centered around him and the traumas he endured.

With that in mind, what is it about Reid that makes him so qualified to be a central member of the BAU? Fans will know that he possesses a genius level intellect, and that's he's particularly impressive with his memory. But what are the actual qualifications that got him such an important and demanding job? As it turns out, Reid may actually be overqualified for such a job. This is every single qualification that Reid possesses on "Criminal Minds."

Reid has multiple PhDs and BAs

According to the Season 4 episode, "Masterpiece," Reid has various PhDs in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Engineering. If this isn't enough, he also has BAs in Sociology and Psychology. According to Paramount, he can even read 20,000 words per minute. While these latter two degrees are arguably more relevant to most cases that Reid and the BAU team will run into, his vast array of knowledge from his PhDs comes into play on "Criminal Minds" more than once. Plus, being able to read at such a fast pace has to make research a breeze for him.

It's clear that Reid is one of the most intelligent characters on "Criminal Minds," and these qualifications are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his usefulness to the team. He's obviously not the only qualified person on the team, as every member of the BAU brought something valuable to the table when it came to solving crimes and capturing unsubs. Either way, Reid's intelligence and resourcefulness are some of the major reasons he remained one of the more popular characters on the show from beginning to end.