The Feast - What We Know So Far

There are many terrors that are known to drown a person's soul in fear. Phenomena such as the dark, heights, and ghosts are all common phobias amongst people. However, there is one penultimate fear which potentially tops them all – social gatherings. After all, what's scarier than having to interact with people? And, if social gatherings really are so scary, then there may be no scarier film than the upcoming indie horror, "The Feast."

Filmed in the Welsh countryside, "The Feast" explores what happens when a dinner party goes wrong. Granted, social anxiety is far from the main focus of the story, which instead focuses on themes of greed and tradition pervasive in Welsh culture. Regardless, "The Feast" presents the potential for a harrowing experience, as the film's environment feels far from comforting. 

With an established release date, cast, and plot, there are many interesting things to uncover about "The Feast." With that in mind, here is what we know about the film so far.

What is the release date for The Feast?

Technically, "The Feast" has already had its grand debut. The film first premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival on August 16. However, it has not yet been made available on the public level. 

Thankfully, interested moviegoers will not need to wait very long for "The Feast" to appear on their plates. IFC Films is making the film available in theatres and on-demand starting November 19.

Interestingly, the entire film is being released in the Welsh language. It is unknown if the filmmakers ever intend to do an English voiceover, but given how much the film draws on Wales and Welsh culture for its setting, this remains an unlikely prospect. Regardless, that isn't stopping the film from being made available internationally, and thankfully, it already premiered with fully-fledged English subtitles — meaning nothing will be lost on people outside of Wales, most of whom could not pronounce a word like Llanfairpwllgwyngyll (the semi-shortened version of Wales' longest place name), if their life depended on it.

Who is in the cast for The Feast?

"The Feast," like many indie horror films, features a modestly-sized cast of characters. In particular, the film focuses on a single family from the Welsh countryside on the night of a dinner party. They only have a few guests set to attend the dinner, but the entire group is being serviced by a mysterious and quiet waitress-for-hire. This waitress, Cadi, is played by actress Annes Elwy (via IMDb), and it is through her appearance that the film derives its sense of fear and foreboding.

The film also stars Nia Roberts and Julian Lewis Jones as the family heads, Glenda and Gwyn. Their son, Guto, who detests their hunting practices, is played by Steffan Cennyd. Other cast members for "The Feast" also include Sion Alun Davies as Gweirydd, Rhodri Meilir as Euros, Lisa Palfrey as Mair, Chris Gordon as Gweithiwr, and Caroline Berry as Delyth.

What is the plot of The Feast?

We mentioned before how "The Feast" takes place during a dinner party held by a wealthy Welsh family living in the country. However, that's only part of the story — because this is no average dinner party, and the guests are no average people. Indeed, the family in question is holding the dinner party for the sake of a potential business venture, inviting a businessman and a nearby farmer in order to secure a deal that would permit mining of the surrounding land (via Deadline).

However, it appears that things begin to fall apart due to the presence of their new waitress, Cadi (Annes Elwy). By some means or another, Cadi's silent service to the family exposes the flaws in their worldviews, and disrupts the otherwise perfect party. Based on the film's trailers, bloodshed will be kept to a minimum, though not entirely left out of the picture. 

This all begs the question, then, of what unseen horrors are really occurring in this otherwise idyllic setting? Moviegoers will be able to find out when "The Feast" is released on November 19.