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Why Avery Quinn From Chicago Med Looks So Familiar

The "One Chicago" universe of first responder-themed, interconnected shows has been so successful that the law-themed "Chicago Justice" remains the sole one-season wonder in mastermind Dick Wolf's web of Windy City shows. The most recent ongoing addition to the One Chicagoverse is "Chicago Med," a characteristically captivating and punchy look at the good people of the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center emergency department.

"One Chicago" is notorious for the way its characters can pop up in any show at a moment's notice, as well as the frankly alarming regularity the city experiences such big disasters that a proper franchise-wide crossover event is in order. Even so, you might have noticed that some of the characters seem awfully familiar — and not just from the fact that they're visiting the show from some other corner of Chicago. One such character is Avery Quinn, who may have just debuted in the Season 7 episode "Change is a tough pill to swallow," but it's still easy to get the feeling that you've seen her before. Let's take a look at why Avery Quinn from "Chicago Med" looks so familiar.

Johanna Braddy is Lisa in The Grudge 3

"The Grudge" is a terrifying story about a curse that causes people who die in an enraged state to haunt their place of death as gloomy white ghosts that reap terrible vengeance on anyone who ventures near — and the poor living people whom these creatures target. The 2004 Western version of the original Japanese movie was enough of a hit that it spawned a few sequels and a 2020 reboot, and if you're a fan of the series, you may very well have seen Johanna Braddy. 

Braddy stars in "The Grudge 3," the final pre-reboot installment of the franchise. Her character, Lisa, becomes entangled in the "Grudge" curse when the ghosts Kayako (Aiko Horiuchi) and Toshio (Shimba Tsuchiya) start tearing through an apartment complex managed by her kin, and Kayako's sister Naoko Kawamata (Emi Ikehata) ropes her in a desperate attempt to end the spectral trail of destruction. 

"The Grudge 3" wasn't exactly loved by audiences (via Rotten Tomatoes), but a starring role in the closing entry of an iconic horror franchise isn't a bad haul for an actress at a relatively early stage of her career — and, as you're about to see, she indeed went on to a number of great things.

Johanna Braddy is Anna Martin in UnREAL

"UnREAL," the Lifetime-Hulu joint that ran from 2015 to 2018, is just about as meta as a show can be. It's a dramatized look behind the hectic scenes of "Everlasting," a fictional "Bachelor"-style reality show ran by borderline out-of-control Chet Wilton (Craig Bierko), produced by the manipulative Rachel Goldberg (Shiri Appleby), and executive produced by the machiavellian Quinn King (Constance Zimmer). 

Of course, a show about the making of a reality show needs to show plenty of that patented reality TV action, scripted though it may be. This is where Johanna Braddy comes in. She plays Anna Martin, a smart but conflicted contestant who eventually ends up winning the fictional reality show's first season after all sorts of machinations by Rachel ... and ends up leaving her suitor Adam (Freddie Stroma) at the altar, after some very different machinations by Rachel. 

"[S]he's got this purity about her when it comes to love," Braddy described Anna to Cosmopolitan. "She's a novice, and so while she's stern and strong and together in her professional life, the fact that she has so little experience with love makes her very naive." Perhaps befittingly to the show's layered nature, Braddy's own behind-the-scenes story with Stroma went considerably better than Anna's onscreen one with Adam. Per Good Housekeeping, the two ended up getting married. 

Johanna Braddy is Shelby Wyatt in Quantico

In 2016, Johanna Braddy began portraying Shelby Wyatt, one of the young FBI agents of the hit ABC show "Quantico." Wyatt is the best friend of the thriller drama's protagonist, Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra), and while she's a glamorous and multitalented person, she harbors a massively tragic backstory after losing her parents in the 9/11 attacks ... and things only get worse for her when she finds out that this might not be the case after all. 

Though the characters of "Quantico" deal in grim things and go through massive tragedies, Braddy told Good Housekeeping that things were considerably more fun behind the scenes. "My 'Quantico' costars Yasmine Al Massri and Priyanka Chopra and I call ourselves the Powerpuff Girls. We hang out on and off set all the time — eating sushi and having sleepovers sometimes — just being girls!"

Braddy's "Chicago Med" career may or may not turn out to be short-lived, but regardless of the length of her Windy City tenure, her impressive CV and acting chops mean that it's just a matter of time when you see her again.