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The Goofy Animated Comedy Hidden Gem You Can Stream On Netflix

Netflix has gone all-in on offering its subscribers original anime. No matter what you're into, there's something in the medium for you to enjoy. For fans of epic action-oriented adventures with gratuitous violence, there's the excellent "Yasuke." If you prefer anime with adorable talking animals with a bit of bite to them, "Aggretsuko" is up your alley. These are some of the more popular options, but there are numerous other anime that seem to have fallen through the cracks of the streaming service.

Proof positive of this phenomenon is with "Scissor Seven," which recently came out with its third season on October 3, 2021. That's right; there are three whole seasons of content for you to catch up on, and the truth is that it shouldn't take you long to get through the series. Each season has between 10 and 14 episodes, typically ranging in length from 13 to 20 minutes. That means you can binge-watch the entire show in no time at all.

Netflix hasn't announced yet whether Season 4 is in the cards, but regardless, the three seasons up so far tell a great story you should become familiar with.

Scissor Seven uses dark humor to full effect

"Scissor Seven" follows a boy named Seven who wants to become a professional assassin but fails the course to get into the game. As a backup plan, he opens a barbershop as a front while killing people on the side, all the while attempting to recover memories of his past. Ultimately, Seven is a guy who fails at everything, but that only makes the audience love him more. You want him to excel and get out of the rut he finds himself in, even though he wants to murder people for a permanent living.

"Scissor Seven" isn't your average anime, especially considering the fact it's an anime production from China originally, which you notice due to the litany of Chinese references made repeatedly throughout the show. The unique aesthetic and sensibility are likely why it's caught on with critics and viewers alike. Jenny Zheng of Daily Dot writes, "I think what's truly incredible is that though 'Scissor Seven' could easily descend into a predictable and boring gag following gag format, the series retains a true heart and soul."

"Scissor Seven" has short enough episodes to where it never feels as though it wears out its welcome. You can get in on the fun by binge-watching it next on Netflix and joining in the choir of people begging for a fourth season.