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The TWD: World Beyond Season 2 Episode 3 Scene Fans Couldn't Help But Love

The latest episode of "The Walking Dead: World Beyond" sees former Campus Colony resident Elton (Nicolas Cantu) and teen con-artist Percy (Ted Sutherland) trying to make it on their own after being separated from the rest of their group at the end of Season 1. Unfortunately for them, it's not going well. Percy is suffering from a bullet wound in his shoulder and the pair has no food or plans for where to go or how to survive.

Help arrives in the form of two strangers named Asha (Madelyn Kientz) and Dev (Abubakr Ali). Elton and Percy spot the brother and sister duo making camp on the outskirts of a forest and instantly note that they have a fire, a wagon full of supplies, and, most importantly, plenty of food. Elton approaches with his hands up and manages to get Asha and Dev to give him a couple of turnips. However, unbeknownst to him, Percy has decided to go rogue and do what he does best: con the pair out of their supplies. 

Percy is quickly spotted rifling through the wagon and thus begins a chase through the woods as Asha and Dev take off after the would-be robbers. The encounter is tense, but it does include a moment of genuine humor that had fans of the series losing it on Twitter.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond fans love Elton's comedic timing

As Elton and Percy flee from Asha and Dev's campsite, they realize they've made one huge miscalculation in their decision to approach the pair at all. Asha and Dev may be young, but they are significantly better trained in combat and won't hesitate to kill to protect their goods. Elton realizes this as a hatchet flies through the air and lands in a tree inches away from his head. He turns, incredulous and scared, and says, "Holy s—, they were turnips!" before fleeing.

The moment is a perfectly timed bit of comedy that cuts through the tension. When the official "The Walking Dead: World Beyond" Twitter account posted a gif of the scene, fans were quick to reply with their own praise

"Best line of the episode!" tweeted @PlamiAG in response to the gif. Twitter user @fanartlindy, meanwhile, hit that "quote retweet" button to add, "I snort laughed at that." We appreciate the honesty and do have to admit that they weren't alone.

Many fans took the opportunity to express their love for Elton. That includes @NellyBelle3379, who said, "Bless Elton's little heart he cannot lie well."

Bless his heart indeed. Thankfully, Elton and Percy end up making peace with Asha and Dev but had they not, it may have been a fitting end for them to have been taken out over a couple of turnips.