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World's End Harem - What We Know So Far

Of the various genres that make up anime as a medium, Harem is often one of the most controversial. Often rife with sexually explicit or misogynistic fanservice that is given precedence over the storytelling, many people are understandably turned off by it. However, the genre isn't 100% risque, and certain examples (such as "Ouran High School Host Club" or "High School DxD") are less explicit, or do a better job at justifying the lewdness with strong writing.

A more modern example of an anime that rides that fine line between obsessively NSFW and genuinely endearing is the upcoming show, "World's End Harem." Based on the manga by author Kotaro Shono, "World's End Harem" bears a controversial reputation (via CBR). However, if you are of the type who doesn't mind a heavy dose of fanservice with their anime, then it might be worth some attention. Here is what we know so far about its release date, characters, and plot.

What is the release date for World's End Harem?

Among anime, and indeed shows in general, "World's End Harem" has quite the unique release schedule. For starters, the first episode (and only the first episode) has already aired. According to Anime News Network, however, production on all following episodes has been delayed so that the staff can "closely examine" the process. Thankfully, the anime has not suffered too heavy of a delay, and is set to release internationally on Crunchyroll in January 2022.

While Crunchyroll confirmed that it is going to stream "World's End Harem," there has been no word on whether the series will receive a dub. Many anime fans prefer dubs, but not every anime receives one, at least at first. However, if an anime is successful enough, it may receive a dub some time after its initial release. Only time will tell if "World's End Harem" will receive such a treatment.

Who are the characters in World's End Harem?

So far, the staff for "World's End Harem" have only revealed a small handful of the major characters that viewers are expected to meet when "World's End Harem" releases in its entirety (via Anime News Network). The protagonist of this story is a man named Reito Mizuhara, played by actor Taichi Ichikawa. He is one of the last men on Earth after a virus wipes out the majority of the male population. As a result, he is surrounded by a host of women who serve as the supporting cast and (as is typical with harem anime) love interests.

The purple-haired beauty that has appeared in much of the promotional material surrounding "World's End Harm" is Mira Suo, played by actress Haruka Shiraishi. The supporting cast is rounded out by tough-looking redhead Akane Ryuzoji, played by Yo Taichi, and the youthful Sui Yamada, played by Aya Yamane.

What is the plot of World's End Harem?

For many guys, being one of the few men left in a world primarily populated by women is a fantasy come true. As you might imagine, the minuscule handful of males left on the planet are highly sought after. The Man-Killer virus has left about 50% of Earth's total population laying six feet deep, and now repopulation is the name of the game. Contrary to how some men might act in this situation, however, Reito Mizuhara would rather not have sex with the literal armies of women offering themselves to him.

Granted, Reito has a pretty good reason for resisting the temptation to make this anime completely X-rated. Having avoided the disease by way of cryogenic freezing, Reito wakes up only having eyes for the lost lady-love he had before he took a sub-zero slumber. Unfortunately, his beloved Erisa went missing several years ago, causing him to embark on a quest to find his true love.