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Speedrunner Beats Prey In Under 20 Minutes

Well, that was fast.

Prey, Bethesda and Arkane Studio's science fiction adventure game only came out on Friday, but one player has already managed to beat the game in less time than it takes to have a quick power nap. Earlier today, Twitch streamer DraQu managed to beat the brand new game in 19 minutes and 34 seconds, cutting the previous record—set by DraQu just a day earlier—in half.

Early reports peg Prey as a 13 to 21 hour game, making the 20 minute run remarkably impressive. Given that the game is also only three days old, it's more or less astonishing. While a video of the entire playthrough is available on YouTube, it does contain some spoilers, so if you haven't finished Prey at a normal pace—which is probably the case for most players—you might want to wait to check it out.

DraQu didn't beat the game via conventional means, of course. In order to help circumvent some of Prey's trickier obstacles, DraQu used the game's GLOO Cannon to build platforms that let him reach previously inaccessible locations, eventually glitching outside of the environment entirely in order to skip major sections of Prey's plot.

In Prey, players control Morgan Yu, a research subject stuck on an alien-infested space station called Talos I. In order to survive, players must collect resources and weapons from around the station while expanding Morgan's powerset and avoiding different types of extra-terrestrials.

The game is more a spiritual successor to the original Prey than a fully-fledged sequel, but that hasn't stopped both fans and critics from giving the game a number of positive reviews, making Prey yet another excellent game in a year that's shaping up to be absolutely full of them.