The Mist Releases Terrifying New Teaser

Destruction is coming in the newest trailer for Spike\'s adaptation of Stephen King\'s The Mist.

The trailer begins with the creepy image of the mist spreading towards the town. \"It\'s coming,\" one of the residents cautions. While it starts slow, the trailer very quickly moves into absolute chaos, showing residents being killed off in a number of gruesome, bloody ways.

It appears that it won\'t just be the monsters who are killing people, either. \"Take away food, take away water, people start doing bad things,\" says Alyssa Sutherland\'s Eve, a sex-ed teacher who has already caused controversy in the town before the advent of the mist due to her lessons. The trailer then cuts in a few moments of this human chaos, showing people pointing guns at each other and getting into violent fights.

While many, many people appear to be falling prey to the chaos, some will embrace it. \"Few things are more beautiful than destruction,\" Frances Conroy\'s Natalie, a religious woman with a \"twisted, almost mother-son relationship\" with Darren Pettie\'s town sheriff Connor, says.

Creator Christian Torpe previously said that the show aims to set itself apart from the movie adaptation of the novella by having the characters hide out in multiple places from the mysterious monsters, something which he says establishes \"little pressure cookers\" that fall prey to the vices of their various leaders. \"It\'s a weird cousin to the original material,\" he said. \"It has the constant ebb and flow communication with the novella.\"

Morgan Spector, Gus Birney, Luke Cosgrove, and Isaiah Whitlock Jr. also star in the series, which will premiere on June 22 on Spike. While we wait, find out which other films joined the movie version of The Mist on our list of the best horror movies ever made.