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DC FanDome's Harley Quinn Season 3 Sizzle Reel Has Fans Freaking Out

The animated "Harley Quinn" series has quickly solidified itself as one of DC's most entertaining shows, and there are many fans out there who are feverishly counting down the days until Season 3 arrives. Unfortunately, they'll have to wait until next year. Harley herself made an appearance at this year's FanDome event to provide some updates, revealing that the animators are still hard at work. However, the creators were still more than happy to share a sneak peek of what's in store for viewers, which you can check out on the show's Twitter page.

Of all the impressive trailers DC put out at this year's FanDome, "Harley Quinn" scores points for originality. It's essentially an unpolished series of vignettes, all of which are made up of animated storyboard drawings. That being said, it embodies the charmingly chaotic spirit of the show while also promising more romance between Harley and Ivy in Season 3. Elsewhere, King Shark and some other creatures make an appearance, and Harley finds time to take a shot at Ben Affleck. But how do the fans feel about it?

Fans are hyped for Harley Quinn Season 3

Would "Harley Quinn" fans have preferred an actual trailer of a more fully realized series? Perhaps. However, the unpolished sizzle reel is just as exciting in its own way, judging by the reactions of some social media users. "They got me with that unfinished trailer," Twitter user @chrisarcobaleno wrote, capping off their comment with a laughing emoji.

Of course, it's the stories that matter at the end of the day, and "Harley Quinn” has given fans plenty of things to look forward to as the show heads into its third season. The romance between Harley and Ivy is arguably the most exciting of the bunch, and fans are excited about the couple's future. "Awwright finally a season with them as a couple," @SlashweilerDog tweeted. "Let that build up pay off, baby."

"God this show is good," @Ty_Ty10 added, echoing the general consensus among fans of the DC series.