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Why DC Fandome's Injustice Sneak Peek Has Fans So Divided

The animated multiverse of DC Comics is a complex, multi-sided place, with as many possibilities as there are slight variations on the Batman costume. It's already given fans a full spectrum of otherworldly weirdness, offering adaptations of stories where Superman landed in the Soviet Union, the Teen Titans fought the Justice League, and Halloween was notably longer than usual.

Now, a new cartoon is almost upon us: "Injustice," DC's reimagining of the story told in the hit fighting game first released back in 2013. The motion picture, due out on Blu-ray October 19, spins a gruesome yarn about a world in which a grief-stricken and thoroughly bamboozled Superman puts his foot down about all this "crime" malarky, forming an iron-fisted worldwide government with him in the big boy chair.

Potential fans of "Injustice" got a good long look at the animated feature during DC's virtual FanDome event on October 16, and reactions across social media, like the inside of Shazam's head, were heated.

Fans aren't sure about Injustice

On the one hand, some viewers couldn't have been more excited for "Injustice" to hit screens in all of its hour and 20-minute, Anson Mount-voiced glory. Janet Varney was hailed on Twitter as a performer who "totally deserves to have her very own solo animated Wonder Woman movie." "REALLY looking forward to the Injustice Animated Movie coming out this week..! I KNOW it's gonna be amazing," wrote another enthusiastic fan.

But social media is the great equalizer, and voices from the other side of the aisle could also be heard. Some called the concept of evil-universe-Superman "tired" or "grimdark" or other words that we can't repeat here. Others voiced disappointment that a deep and narrative-rich story like the comics written by Tom Taylor and Brian Buccelato didn't get more than an hour and change to play out its events. The series "deserved an entire series of movies that covers all five years and then a sixth one for 'Injustice 2,'" according to one fan.

Whatever your opinion, DC's hard lean into the multiverse gives everyone a corner of continuity to enjoy. If your particular speed is "evil Superman goes full cartoon despot," DC's "Injustice" hits physical media on October 19.