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The Workaholics Gang Reunites In Game Over, Man! Teaser

The Workaholics boys have found their next adventure. Netflix released the first teaser Sunday for Game Over, Man!, an upcoming comedy starring Blake Anderson, Anders Holm, and Adam Devine.

According to the official synopsis for Game Over, Man!, Anderson, Holm, and Devine will play three friends who are on the verge of getting their video game financed when their benefactor is taken hostage by terrorists. The teaser hints that the trio will take up arms in an attempt to get their financing back.

The teaser shows the trio in white tuxedo jackets, lighting up joints using guns. However, it doesn't go as well for Devine as it does for the other two, and he almost shoots his head off. "That is my bad. And now we know, so safety first," he says, before nearly shooting himself in the foot. Anderson and Holm decide that he gets no more drugs, before he turns the gun on them and tells him to give his joint back.

Seth Rogen is set to produce the film, alongside his writing partner Evan Goldberg. Kyle Newacheck directs based on a script from Holm, while Jere Burns, Mac Brandt, and Airforce Amy also star. The movie is due to hit Netflix on April 20, 2018; for now, pass the time by reading up on the untold truth of Workaholics.