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Here's The First Trailer For The Disney Frozen Series Olaf Presents

Disney has carved out a fruitful niche for itself in the iconography of cinema. The first movies most people watch as children come straight out of the studio, so audiences grow up with fond memories of the likes of "Cinderella," "The Lion King," and "The Little Mermaid." These films are associated with magic and whimsy. They're often coming-of-age movies themselves, providing valuable real-world lessons to all children and adults alike watching. And now, they're about to be told in a way you've never seen before. 

"Frozen" has arguably taken the mantle of the most popular animated Disney film of the 21st century. It follows the formula many Disney princess movies had taken before. It takes a classic fairy tale and adds some charm to the mix, including a lovable snowman who goes by the name of Olaf. That snowman's about to be placed front and center is his very own Disney+ series, appropriately titled "Olaf Presents," which sees the icy fellow retell classic Disney movies in a way only he can.

Olaf will reenact your favorite Disney stories

The trailer, which has been uploaded to the Walt Disney Animation Studios YouTube page, is only about 30 seconds long, but with Olaf, that's more than enough time to get the message across. Coming to Disney+ on November 12, a series of short segments will come out featuring Olaf as he reenacts all of your favorite Disney movies in hilarious fashion. 

Based on the clips we've seen in the trailer, we already know he'll offer his take on the likes of "Aladdin," "The Lion King," and "Moana," to name a few. Fans should expect shortened versions of all these films with a few little jokes thrown in for good measure. It's bound to be a real treat for children of all ages as they'll enjoy seeing their favorite stories told through a different lens. 

There's certainly precedent for this kind of series to materialize. One of the highlights of "Frozen 2" was watching Olaf retell the story of the first "Frozen" in 90 seconds. Not only did it catch the audience up to speed, but it was a rip-roaring good time all on its own.