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The Comic Book Character Joshua Orpin Wants To See Join Titans - Exclusive

When it comes to introducing legendary comic book characters, "Titans" has proven it's not afraid to play the long game. The pilot may have introduced viewers to Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites), Raven (Teagan Croft), Starfire (Anna Diop), and Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), but slowly yet surely, "Titans" has introduced other adolescent heroes into the mix. 

The show took its time building up the mythology around Jason Todd (Curran Walters), for instance, until Season 3 went fully into the "Under the Red Hood" storyline. And of course, halfway through Season 2, we were introduced to the Boy of Steel himself — Superboy, aka Conner (Joshua Orpin). The show dedicates an entire episode to his origin and how he's a clone built using the DNA of Superman and Lex Luthor. He may have the strength and powers of Superman, but with the intellect of Lex, he's potentially the most dangerous being around, at this point. 

Superboy is an intriguing character, and his actor, Joshua Orpin, sat down for an exclusive interview with Looper to discuss his character and what he hopes the future is for Conner on the show. Part of that future involves looking into what other heroes he'd like to see Superboy team up with. He's already made allies out of Nightwing and Beast Boy, but there's one particular vigilante who he'd like to see join the fun. 

Joshua Orpin wants Roy Harper to join the line-up

Roy Harper, aka Arsenal, already had a chance to kick butt in a live-action setting: Colton Haynes portrayed him on The CW's "Arrow." Being a young sidekick, he'd make the perfect addition to the "Titans" team, and Joshua Orpin thinks so, too. "I feel like there's a couple that we've teased and also a couple that are quite fundamental to the team in the comics that fans would love to see join the team in future seasons. Namely, I think Roy Harper is one of them," Orpin said. "I think we name-dropped him a couple of times, but he hasn't shown up yet, so maybe him." 

There is, in fact, already precedent for him to enter the picture. In Season 2, Donna Troy (Conor Leslie) mentions Roy Harper when discussing some intel she received; however, he doesn't physically appear. That means there's still a ton of leeway in terms of casting the role. 

"Titans" has a chance to completely redefine the character. He doesn't have to be a sidekick like in "Arrow" — he can really come into his own. But barring Arsenal, Orpin has a backup in mind for who should be the next Titan. "I feel like at the moment, Conner's kind of taken up that role on the team of the speedster character," Orpin explains. "I know that they kind of just introduced one on the 'Flash' TV show, but we could have an Impulse, so we could have a Flash of some description kind of join the team, which I would be really personally excited about." 

The show's only on its third season, so there's ample room for growth. Hopefully, Orpin gets his wish. The "Titans" Season 3 finale airs on HBO Max on October 21.