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What Lucifer Fans Really Wanted To See For Linda's Ending

The TV series "Lucifer" — based on the DC Comics incarnation of the character, as first written by legendary creator Neil Gaiman and then spun-off into his own series by Mike Carey — recently finished its six-season run in 2021, and follows the titular character (Tom Ellis) as he hangs up his proverbial horns. In the show, Lucifer then retires to Los Angeles to run a nightclub, and he helps the Los Angeles Police Department catch the wicked and cruel. Of course, being the former ruler of Hell has it perks, and Lucifer uses his divine powers to expose the darkness in human souls (which certainly makes interrogations easier!).

Linda Martin (Rachael Harris) acts as a therapist to the aforementioned Dark Prince, and originally has no idea about his fire and brimstone origins. Her backstory is rich, and her attempts to aid the Morningstar with psychotherapy are met with limited success in the earlier seasons. Lucifer grows closer and closer to Linda over time, and eventually trusts her with his shadowy secret. Dr. Martin is a popular character and serves as one of the most human elements of the show. Her checkered history adds depth and believability to the overall mythos of "Lucifer," and this is all helped by Rachael Harris' stellar performance. 

However, now that the show's run is over, not everyone is happy with how Linda's story arc finally finished.

Fans discuss Linda Martin's arc

Within the show, Dr. Linda Martin gives birth to Amenadiel's (D.B. Woodside) half-angel baby, and she goes on to write a book about her experiences. Unfortunately, this is not the sort of ending that fans were ultimately hoping for, and on Reddit, they have vented their frustration in a big way. As argued by Reddit poster FlightRisque, "[W]hen Linda was talking to Amenadiel about human problems seeming trivial after helping celestials...was that not the perfect set up for her to become Hell's therapist? Why did she do that dumb trope where she writes a book that ends up being the IP?"

Others also expressed their dismay over Linda's final story arc, with many agreeing that she should have setup some kind of extraplanar therapy office. "Lucifer" did set this up as a rather perfect avenue for the character, mostly due to her proximity, her career, and her close interpersonal relationships with both devils and angels. It's no wonder that fans were disappointed in Linda simply penning a book about her experiences — they expected much more from the fan favorite, and hoped for a truly epic ending beyond just being the mother of God's grandson. 

Speaking of the Hell's therapist concept, fellow Reddit user throwaway098764567 added, "100% this is my head canon. I was hoping at the end of s5 that she would end up helping lucifer out down there and am completely disappointed that isn't what happened especially with her being bored with human problems." Another fan suggested that it would have made far more sense for Linda to become therapist to angels, mainly for them to better understand humanity. 

Either way, it seems that the fan consensus is that Linda Martin should have had a far bigger and far more satisfying story conclusion.