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Darwin's Game Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Plot - What We Know So Far

For most of us, video games are a simple method of relaxation. Anime characters, however, often don't receive the same privileges. Whenever a video game serves as the central setting or plot device in a series, you can pretty much bet that there is some kind of catch. The eponymous game from "Sword Art Online," for instance, seems really fun until you learn that dying in the game also means dying in real life. The same can be said for the mobile game from the Netflix anime, "Darwin's Game," where the game takes place in real life and killing people appears to be the main objective.

Regardless of how fun that kind of game is to play, however, people can't get enough of watching it, at least here in the real world. The anime, based on the 2012 manga of the same name by FLIPFLOPs, already wrapped up its first season in 2020, yet fans are still clamoring for more. Unfortunately, the show's animators at Studio Nexus have not revealed if Season 2 will ever be released. The show has been picked up by Netflix, which could lead to a second season being greenlit. With that in mind, here is what we know so far about the potential second season of "Darwin's Game."

What is the release date for Darwin's Game Season 2?

Unfortunately, Studio Nexus has not confirmed whether "Darwin's Game" will receive a second season. The series originally aired in Spring 2020, and since then, there has been no news regarding the series. Netflix picked up the series for streaming on its platform that same year. However, there is no word on whether that has influenced the series' popularity enough to justify a second season from Studio Nexus.

All hope is not lost when it comes to "Darwin's Game." There enough source material to create a second season, and it is not uncommon for anime to go on hiatus for a number of years. "Attack on Titan's" production famously has had multiple breaks lasting years. Assuming that "Darwin's Game" is lucky and Studio Nexus is already in the midst of producing a second series, fans could see the series return as soon as late 2022.

Unfortunately, all of that remains speculation until Netflix or Studio Nexus says otherwise. At the moment, the future doesn't look especially bright for the "Darwin's Game" anime, despite its cliffhanger ending.

Who is in the cast for Darwin's Game Season 2?

If "Darwin's Game" does receive a second season, the series will likely star the same cast members and primary characters that fans got to know over the course of Season 1. This includes protagonist and human swiss army knife, Kaname Sudou. A stalwart and dependable figure, Kaname's good heart and versatile Sigil (which lets him recreate any object he has ever touched, within reason) makes him a dependable ally and force to be reckoned with in battle. He is voiced by Yuusuke Kobayashi in Japanese and Stephen Fu in English (via Myanimelist).

Likewise, the actors for Kaname's fellow clan members, the Sunset Ravens, will likely stay the same. This includes Kaname's love interest, Shuka Karino (Reina Ueda/Alexis Tipton), a girl with the ability to psychically control chains and wires. Additionally, they are followed by supergenius sniper Rein Kashiwagi (Nichika Oomori/Tia Ballard), a waterbender named Sui (Yumiri Hanamori/Brittany Lauda) with a split personality, and the human lie detector Ryuuji Maesaka (Taku Yashiro/Jarrod Greene).

What is the plot of Darwin's Game Season 2?

The premise of Darwin's Game (the in-universe mobile app, not the anime) is simple. Once they make an account, every player is awarded a "Sigil." This is ostensibly a superpower unique to that person, which will aid them along their journey towards victory. The objective of the game is to find other players and eliminate them by any means. This could involve making them surrender, but more often than not, people lean in favor of murder as the easiest and most efficient strategy.

In the midst of all this murder and mayhem, Kaname is looking to make a positive change. Though he ends Season 1 as one of the most enigmatic up-and-comers in D-Game, winning the battle against rival clan, Eighth. After killing Eighth's leader, however, Kaname resolves to continue hunting for D-Game's game master in order to put an end to all the bloodshed. Now that he and the Sunset Ravens have grown in influence, they are able to take steps towards this by banning people from actively playing D-Game within their territory.

Season 2, then, will follow Kaname and the Sunset Ravens as they seek to expand their influence, forcing people to drop D-Game without taking any unnecessary lives (rest assured, people still die). Furthermore, it will follow the Sunset Ravens as they track down D-Game's game master once and for all. However, they should be wary — as Season 1's final scene reveals, he is watching them as well.