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Bravest Warriors Season - What We Know So Far

There are few animated short series that can boast the pedigree of "Bravest Warriors." The show about the titular team of time- and space-bending, emotion-themed heroes is created by Pendleton Ward, the mind behind the beloved Cartoon Network animated series "Adventure Time," and Breehn Burns of "Invader Zim" fame served as its initial writer and director. What's more, the show features a rock-solid voice cast, which has featured talents ranging from voice-acting queen Tara Strong (Miss Minutes in "Loki,") to Tony Todd (famed for his portrayal of the classic movie monster, Candyman).  

"Bravest Warriors" has spent its four-season existence as a Cartoon Hangover YouTube series and, starting in Season 3, on Crunchyroll's VRV streaming platform. Yet, as fans have no doubt noticed, there have been no new episodes since Season 4 ended on December 24, 2018. Still, the mega-long fourth season made it very clear that the show has plenty of stories to tell, so the question remains: Will there be a "Bravest Warriors" Season 5, and if so, when will it arrive? Here's what we know!

When is the release date of Bravest Warriors Season 5?

Since its inception, "Bravest Warriors" has followed an extremely eclectic release schedule, as well as multiple platform changes. The show's pilot dropped way back in January 2009 on Nicktoons Network, and to a casual observer, that might have been it ... until the first season of the show premiered as a Cartoon Hangover YouTube series in November 8, 2012, almost four years after the pilot. A bunch of "minisodes" arrived between August and September 2013, and a sophomore season — again, on YouTube — started airing in October 2013. After Season 2 ended in June 2014, fans had to wait for another lengthy period, and the show made its triumphant return in January 10, 2017, this time on VRV.

The seasons' episode counts are been pretty peculiar, as well. The first two seasons are both 12 episodes long, and the third opts for just six episodes. However, Season 4 ran for a full year, with a whopping 52 episodes from December 25, 2017 to December 24, 2018.

All of this might make for a mightily confusing release schedule, but there's an upside to it, too. Even though there are no official news about a fifth season of "Bravest Warriors," and the series' Twitter account has been worryingly silent since early 2019, the show has a history of turning up when you least expect it, and in forms that you might not have expected. As Deadline reported in 2019, one such form is the upcoming "Catbug" spinoff, which turns its focus on the titular character (voiced by Sam Lavagrino). Knowing this, it's entirely possible that a new season of the parent show is on its way, as well — at least, at some point in the future. 

Who's in the cast of Bravest Warriors Season 5?

The far and away most likely character to return for a potential "Bravest Warriors" season 5 is series breakout character Catbug, who's set to receive a spinoff of its own at some undetermined point in the future (per Deadline). As such, the ladybug-cat hybrid will probably continue to feature in "Bravest Warriors," as well — though it remains to be seen to what extent. 

Apart from Catbug, It's reasonable to assume that the members of the Bravest Warriors team will all appear in future episodes in some shape, form or way. The series is happy to explore all sorts of strange avenues, but since it's still called "Bravest Warriors," expect Chris Kirkman (Graeme Jokic), Beth Tezuka (Liliana Mumy), Wallow (Ian Jones-Quartey), and Danny Vasquez (John Omohundro) to return. Chances are that satellite member Plum (Tara Strong) will also feature. 

Apart from these core characters, it remains to be seen which members of the show's sizeable recurring cast will feature in the Season 5 mix. It's probably safe to say that no one is entirely off the table, though.

What's the plot of Bravest Warriors Season 5?

What will happen in "Bravest Warriors" Season 5? Therein lies the question. Much like "Adventure Time," the show is unafraid to go to some pretty wild places with its plotlines, as befits a series about a group of heroes travelling the universe. The show's episodic nature and the short runtime of said episodes allows for truly absurdist scenarios that are borderline impossible to predict. Of course, the absurd antics of the sentient cockroaches and sexist planets variety often plays second fiddle to the various troubles and emotional struggles of the titular team, which, after all, is comprised of relatively inexperienced teenagers. 

As such, you can expect the potential "Bravest Warriors" Season 5 to be much of the same as Season 4 — funny adventures in strange places and at odd times, featuring characters that are outlandish, yet relatable and full of heart.