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Twitter Is Furious Over General Hospital's Rerun Episode

Many fanbases can get out of control when it comes to their obsession of choice. Anyone who's been on a "Star Wars" subreddit at some point can attest to that fact. And while they may not get as much attention online as Marvel and DC stans, people who obsessively watch "General Hospital" get pretty peeved whenever there are disruptions to their show. 

New episodes are supposed to air every weekday from Monday to Friday. But sometimes, delays are inevitable. Holidays are usually cause to push back an episode, and luckily, fans can plan their schedules accordingly. Additionally, breaking news may force ABC to air that instead, moving the entire schedule back one day. However, on October 6, the unthinkable occurred. A new episode of "General Hospital" failed to air for no real apparent reason. Instead, fans were treated to a rerun. And if you peruse social media, you'll see how fans weren't too pleased with the development. 

Fans were quick to voice their displeasure

The official "General Hospital" Twitter account was quick to inform fans that a new episode of the soap wouldn't air on October 6. The post read, "Due to ongoing breaking news coverage, today's scheduled episode of General Hospital will now air tomorrow." The problem most fans were quick to point out underneath the status update is that there didn't seem to be any breaking news on ABC when it came time for the show to air. In fact, the rerun was able to resume during its normally scheduled time.

This didn't sit well with many fans, who took to the social media platform to voice their disdain for the rerun. You see, "General Hospital" has a tendency to end on cliffhangers, so fans wait on bated breath to see what transpires next. A delay only makes the tension worse, so you end up with people like @Andy_Parsons39 writing, "Can someone please tell me why in the hell General Hospital is a rerun today? It is the middle of the week, and it is not a holiday. I do not understand this."

Others tried searching for some kind of explanation, like @sassysdreams: "I turned on MSNBC to see what was going on. It's really terrible. Every time GH is preempted by news here we have to watch it on computer later or on demand late at night. Now it's not preempted by news and they air a rerun." It may have only been delayed by one day, but when it comes to witnessing Jason (Steve Burton) and Carly (Laura Wright) prepare to admit their feelings for one another, a single day can feel like an eternity.