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Breakwater - What We Know So Far

Hollywood has explored crime and family through its film and media more than once. From the "Godfather" trilogy to "The Sopranos" series, and even "Breaking Bad," criminals and their associated families have captivated American audiences for years. After all, nothing incites drama in a family quite like a character's troubled relationship with the law. Now, get ready for another deep exploration of how crime and family intersect with the latest upcoming film from Loose Cannon Pictures, "Breakwater."

Barring some details regarding the plot and cast of this film, not much is known about "Breakwater." According to Variety, this is only the second film handled by Loose Cannon, and so far it has been kept under tight wraps. Even so, there are some interesting aspects of the film that should pique the interest of moviegoers. With that in mind, here is what we know so far about the upcoming film "Breakwater."

What is the release date for Breakwater

At the current moment, Loose Cannon Pictures has not announced a specific release date for "Breakwater." Thankfully, there is enough available information surrounding its production process to give a rough estimate on when the film might eventually hit theaters. According to Variety, the film began shooting principal photography during the first week of October 2021. This, combined with the fact that most (if not all) of the major cast has been revealed, points towards a release date as early as late 2022.

However, that is just assuming the bare minimum time it would take for Loose Cannon to shoot, edit, and distribute the final version of "Breakwater." Given that film production is rarely so efficient and mess-free, it is more likely that moviegoers will see "Breakwater" hit theaters in 2023, or even later. Regardless, a concrete release date cannot be confirmed until Loose Cannon comes out with new information regarding the film.

Who is in the cast for Breakwater?

So far, Loose Cannon has revealed a good amount of the major cast of "Breakwater" and their associated characters. Each of these characters seems to fall somewhere within a moral gray area, particularly the protagonist Dovey, played by actor Darren Mann. Dovey is a recently released ex-con, but part of the post-prison task set out for him by fellow inmate Ray Childress (Dermot Mulroney) requires him to violate his parole.

"Dangerous charmers are a fixture in Southern stories," writer and director James Rowe told Variety in a statement, "Ray is a man whose surface cool masks a desperate volatility. Dermot's appeal and his expansive range, along with his willingness to defy expectations, make him the ideal choice for this guy driven by conflicting impulses."

Perhaps equally as dangerous, albeit in a different way, is Childress' estranged daughter, Eve. Played by Alyssa Goss, Eve's past hides dangers that soon become apparent upon meeting Dovey. She is joined by her best friend, Jess, played by Celia Rose Gooding. The final, and potentially most dangerous of all, is Bonnie Bell, Dovey's parole officer played by Sonja Sohn. Apart from the physical threat posed by Eve's criminal connections, Bell may present the biggest challenge to Dovey, as he must dodge her whilst breaking his parole.

What is the story of Breakwater?

"Breakwater" follows Dovey shortly after he is finally released from prison. A rather young ex-con, Dovey is tasked by inmate Ray Childress in tracking down his estranged daughter, Eve. In order to do so, Dovey has to cross state lines. This violates his parole, potentially leading to more jail time if Dovey is ever caught. All it takes is one slip-up for Dovey to be right back where he started.

That may be the least of his worries, however, as Eve's past reveals new dangers that Dovey is more than unprepared for. What exactly these dangers are and how they are connected to Eve is still a mystery. However, it provides the basis for an intriguing story on crime and family in America. Moviegoers will need to wait to find out where exactly the story will lead when "Breakwater" eventually premieres in theaters, hopefully in the near future.