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Holmes Family Rescue - What We Know So Far

Nowadays, there's a TV show out there for every kind of DIY'er and home improvement lover. Many HGTV series such as "Property Brothers," "Good Bones," and "Fixer Upper" have become fan-favorites, but there's always room for another hit. Enter "Holmes Family Rescue," starring Canadian contractor Mike Holmes. The series is one of 20 new home improvement shows to land on HGTV in the 2021-2022 season , according to an official announcement from HGTV and Discovery+

This is hardly the first home improvement show for Holmes and his family, as the contractor has over eight reality series to his name and has appeared in over 100 episodes of different projects. Some of his most notable credits include "Holmes on Homes," "Holmes Inspection," and "Holmes: Buy It Right." While he's made it big in Canada, he's only scratched the surface in the U.S., but that's all about to change.

With his newest project closer than ever, let's break down everything we know about "Holmes Family Rescue" before it debuts.

What's the release date of Holmes Family Rescue?

"Holmes Family Rescue" does not have a specific release date, but HGTV announced that it is set to release sometime on the network in December 2021. We expect to get an exact date in the coming months, possibly with the drop of a trailer.

For much of late 2020 and early 2021, Mike Holmes, his son Mike Holmes Jr., and daughter Sherry Holmes have been busy filming their TV show "Holmes Family Effect," which premiered in Canada in March 2021 (via IMDb). The contractor has also been busy at work this year as a guest judge on the renovation competition series "Rock the Block” and "Battle on the Beach." Additionally, the family makes several media appearances and attends public speaking events, which accounts for a busy schedule. For now, fans will have to wait patiently until December before getting a specific release date for "Holmes Family Rescue."

Who's in the cast of Holmes Family Rescue?

"Holmes Family Rescue" stars Canadian contractor, builder, TV host, and philanthropist Mike Holmes alongside his children Mike Holmes Jr. and Sherry Holmes. Since his first television series, "Holmes on Holmes," premiered in 2001, Mike has been on over 30 shows using his construction background to reveal and fix careless renovation work for his clients.

He's passed on his building skills to his children as they seemingly start to follow in his footsteps. According to Mike's website, Mike Jr. got his start in home improvement television when he became a crew member on "Holmes on Holmes" in 2005. Since then, he's been working alongside his father as a permanent crew member on shows such as "Holmes in New Orleans," "Holmes Inspection," and "Holmes Makes it Right."

His sister Sherry also proves to be a handy member of the family as she is also set to work with her father and brother in "Holmes Family Rescue." She first joined her family in "Holmes in New Orleans" and became a permanent crew member on "Holmes Inspection," "Holmes Makes It Right, and "Holmes: The Next Generation" (via Mike's website). As the latest in the line of Holmes television shows, "Holmes Family Rescue" will bring father, son, and daughter together to expose and fix renovations gone wrong.

Is there a trailer for Holmes Family Rescue

The trailer for "Holmes Family Rescue" has not been released yet at this time, but it shouldn't be long before HGTV releases a preview. Since the new show was first announced in August and is set to premiere in December, the trailer should be on its way in the coming weeks.

We may see a sneak peek of "Holmes Family Rescue" a few weeks before the premiere date, as HGTV has done in the past with several other shows. For example, "Outgrown" a spinoff series starring house flippers Luke Caldwell and Clint Robertson had a premiere date of September 18 but a sneak peek wasn't released on the TV channel until August 31.