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Tales Of Luminaria Release - What We Know So Far

The long-standing and successful "Tales of" series celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2020, but the party's not over yet. The next game in the franchise, "Tales of Luminaria," is coming, and there's already a lot of information about it available to keep fans engaged since it was first announced at Gamescom 2021 in August.

Described by Bandai as "undoubtedly one of the most iconic series in the history of Japanese RPG," the "Tales of" games combine fantasy, combat, and loveable characters to create an impactful experience. The most recent installment in the series, "Tales of Arise," released on September 9, 2021. Critics had differing opinions on the title; while some loved the characters and combat, many found the plot a bit disjointed and poorly paced. Nevertheless, the "Tales of" games have a solid reputation to lean on, including an impressive 25 million units sold across the franchise.

Given the history and success of the series, "Tales of Luminaria" has big shoes to fill. Judging by the information that's out so far, it seems the title is prepared for the challenge. For starters, "Tales of Luminaria" will feature a whopping 21 protagonists, and the game is set to release exclusively for mobile devices. Without further adieu, it's time to dig into all the details revealed so far on what could become one of the most in-depth mobile games of all time.

When is the Tales of Luminaria release date?

It's not surprising that there's no official release date for "Tales of Luminaria" since the game was just announced a few months back at Gamescom 2021 in August. According to the first official trailer which was shared at the event, the game is "a new project underway" that's "coming soon." Taking into account this vague language, the scale of the project, and the fact that "Tales of Arise" released just weeks after the "Tales of Luminaria" announcement, it could be a while before the game sees the light of day.

According to the second "Tales of Luminaria" trailer, the game will be developed by Japanese company Colopl. Its team is best known for its success in the mobile market both in Japan and across the world, and it prides itself on creating "a wide variety of games that are not restricted by genre." As far as the game's publisher, big-name BANDAI NAMCO is the team in charge, as is the case for prior "Tales of" titles.

It's impossible to say when a release date could come, though it's almost guaranteed that there will be more updates along the way, especially if the number of trailers already available is any evidence. If you're eager, you can pre-register for "Tales of Luminaria" anytime.

What's revealed in the Tales of Luminaria trailers?

The first official trailer for "Tales of Luminaria" from Gamescom 2021 set the scene for the game. Since that drop, there have been many new developments, including the "Answer" trailer, which introduces all of the characters, and a short teaser for an in-game animated feature. Additionally, there are new character introduction videos dropping daily, all of which can be found in an official YouTube playlist. By the time you watch them all, you're destined to have the featured song "ANSWER" by Frederic x Keina Suda stuck in your head. There's also a 50-minute show on the game, but until you get to know the general premise a little better, it'll be best to start with the basics.

The announcement trailer opened with various shots from previous "Tales of" titles along with the year they were released, set to a chiming clock sound. Next came an on-screen message: "Throughout the decades there have been countless Tales. And now, in a new world..." As the message cut off, a lush green landscape emerged, followed by a fiery red city. The next on-screen message read, "A revolutionary new Tale is about to be told!"

Finally, a cell phone appeared with "Tales of Luminaria" combat, followed by still images and gameplay videos of some of the game's many characters. The trailer wrapped up with a title reveal as well as the announcement of iOS and Android availability, plus the previously shared release tease and the BANDAI NAMCO logo to close it all out.

How will Tales of Luminaria gameplay work?

"Tales of Luminaria" gameplay will be different than prior installments in the series since the game will be on mobile devices only. Judging by the announcement trailer, you can expect combat, cutscenes, and chances to explore what looks to be a visually stunning world. No specifics have been shared yet about what mobile mechanisms will be involved in the game, though there are plenty of details about the plot.

With 21 protagonists, you'll get the chance to experience many different perspectives in "Tales of Luminaria." Promising a "deep, layered narrative," this title is an ambitious adventure into a war-torn world. While the eight characters from the Jerle Federation honor and protect the land's mystical, mana-creating Primordial Beasts, another eight characters from the Gildllan Empire harvest their mana to build their technology. The remaining five are Adventurers who "investigate the mystery of the Primordial Beasts on their own." You'll get to play, fight, and discover secrets as every character, so it seems likely the game will be on the lengthy side. Even if not, it's sure to be complex and emotional.