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Disney Characters Who Are Totally Dateable

When we were young, we watched Disney movies for the magic, music, and wonder. Now that we're grown, we can watch for an entirely different reason: fantasizing about which characters would make for the best dates. It's not all adorable children and wacky animals, after all: Disney has produced a lot of prime candidates for romantic bliss, hindered only by the slight inconvenience that they're animated and fictional.

Anna From Frozen

While Elsa is clearly the more popular of the Frozen sisters, we'd much prefer to spend some time with Anna. For one thing, she doesn't have the power to accidentally turn us to ice...or to purposefully do so if we ever annoy her. But just as importantly, she just seems more down-to-Earth and easy to be around. Both sisters are locked in their castle during their childhood, but at least Anna makes an effort to run around and play. Elsa stays in her room for years and years—that kind of isolation would negatively affect anybody, no matter how happy their ending. You're likely to have more fun with Anna, especially if you like chocolate as much as she does.

Maleficent From Sleeping Beauty And Maleficent

For one thing, she looks like Angelina Jolie, and how can you go wrong with that? But aside from pure looks, Maleficent's underrated maternal instinct would make her a great date. Though she doesn't always show it, she cares deeply for those around her and will go to great lengths to protect them (even if she's the reason they need protection). So she loves deeply, admits her mistakes, and will work her dragon-tail off to make things better. What's not to love? Aside from her hot temper, of course—the same one that led her to curse an infant girl to death over not being invited to a party. But we're pretty sure she's long since mellowed out...right?

Jack Skellington From The Nightmare Before Christmas

Okay, so he's a little skinny. And technically dead. But if you want to date a guy with drive and ambition—somebody who works hard, gets things done, and is never satisfied with the status quo—then Jack Skellington is your man. Yes, he's sometimes overexcited and under-informed, his methods are sometimes sketchy (kidnapping beloved icons of major children's holidays being right at the top), and you have to be in the right mood to deal with his constant jump-screams and scary surprises, but he ultimately means no harm. He's really just a sensitive (and spooky) artist.

Colette Tatou From Ratatouille

She may not be the main character in Ratatouille, but she's certainly the film's most dateable character (apologies to any actual rats reading this). She's an incredibly hard worker, striving tirelessly to succeed in a male-dominated field, has the patience of a saint. How else could she put up with Alfredo's neurosis, lack of skills, and spiritual connection to garbage-eating rodents? And if you love yourself a sultry French accent, she's got that for miles. Plus, since she's a chef, you're guaranteed superb home-cooked meals, along with insider knowledge of the best restaurants around. Just don't take advantage of her or drive her to anger—she stresses easily and is very good with a knife.

Prince Phillip From Sleeping Beauty

Unlike other, more "charming" princes of his era, Phillip's charm was in being an actual character. He had a backstory, an identity, and an actual motivation to seek out Aurora beyond "I am a prince and whoops I'm in love now." Physically, he's as attractive as any other Disney prince, and deceptively strong too (he'd have to be, to toss his rotund father around as easily as he did). And if all that's not enough to jump him up your date list, he has legitimate personality, too. He's headstrong, sassy, and determined to rescue his love, even if it means fighting a dragon he doesn't know exists until battle-time. Plus, he's an animal lover (he might bicker with his horse at times, but they're clearly inseparable), and how can you not love that?

Andy's Mom From Toy Story

She's never much more than a background character, and she's not designed to look like anything but a typical soccer mom, but Andy's Mom still seems like the perfect partner. For one thing, she's almost certainly single (Andy's dad never appears, and never even gets a mention). In addition, she's about the most responsible person imaginable, successfully raising two kids and working hard enough to afford a big new home all on her own. Her inability to sell or toss any of Andy's toys—even when he hits high school and really should do it himself—shows both maternal love and undying patience.

The Beast From Beauty And The Beast

If you're into men with hair, the Beast has more of it than all other Disney men put together. Plus, he's rich, can dance, has a huge place to live, and even his cutlery has personality. Yes, he's arrogant and a bit abrasive at first, but once you get to know him, he's the sweetest, most protective guy you could hope to find. The only real downside to dating the Beast is that his beastness is a curse, one that gets undone the second somebody falls in love with him. So date him, have fun with him, but don't fall too deeply for him. If you do. all you'll be left with is a boring, hairless prince.

General Leia Organa From Star Wars

Leia's technically a Disney character, so she absolutely counts. It'd be real hard to say no to her (even Han Solo gave in eventually), since she's basically the complete package. She's beautiful (with or without the metal bikini), independent, great with a gun, caring, protective, and her Force sensitivity makes her empathic and spiritual (though not enough to help her immediately realize Luke is her brother). And unlike everyone else on this list, we know now that Leia stays just as awesome and datable in later years as she did back in the day. Plus, now she's a general, which makes her even more desireable. You'd just have to deal with a jealous Han, who tends to voice his displeasure by way of a blaster. Still, probably worth it.