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What Is Former AHS Ensemble Actress Taissa Farmiga Doing Now?

Actress Taissa Farmiga made her "American Horror Story" debut during its first season, which premiered in 2011. During that season, the actress portrayed Violet Harmon, a mentally ill high school student who enjoys smoking cigarettes and dating a murderous ghost. The 27-year-old also played Zoe Benson on the show's third season, titled "AHS: Coven." She later made a brief appearance in one episode of the show's sixth season. The actress also returned to play both Zoe and Violet during the eighth season of "AHS," as reported by Wonderwall.  

During a 2018 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Farmiga spoke about having to portray multiple people in "AHS" Season 8. She shared that she "was nervous about" having to step back into Violet's shoes, but she was able to transform into the dead teenager once she "got back in the wardrobe." She also noted that she did not find it difficult to portray two characters in one season.

"Because the wardrobe and the set pieces are so different from each other that it's easy to differentiate the two worlds," explained the actress. Farmiga has not been featured in an episode of "American Horror Story" for the past three years, per IMDb. Here's what the actress has been up to as of late.

Taissa Farmiga had roles in other horror projects

Farmiga cemented her spot as a scream queen when she played Sister Irene in the 2018 movie "The Nun," a prequel in the "Conjuring" franchise. The actress's sister, Vera Farmiga, played demonologist Lorraine Warren in four "Conjuring" films. While speaking to Entertainment Weekly in 2018, Farmiga shared that her sister had warned her about the possibility of having to read up on dark subject matter.

"When she was filming 'The Conjuring 2,' she did so much research into demonology and all the demonic forces and that's something I luckily did not have to do. I got to research the pure and the holy. I got to research what it takes to be a nun," explained Farmiga.

In 2019, the actress was featured on one episode of the spooky anthology series, "The Twilight Zone." During a 2019 interview, Farmiga gave a brief synopsis of the episode, titled "Not All Men." She explained that "the town of Newberry gets a surprise awakening when this historic meteor shower that rains down on the community and is making the men in town act a little bit strange." She explained that the moral of the story was "it all comes down to the single choice you make, it doesn't matter what the people around you are doing." The actress also had starring roles in the 2020 horror series "50 States of Fright” and the movie "John and the Hole," which premiered this year.

Farmiga's next project is "The Gilded Age," a period drama from the creator of "Downton Abbey." Originally ordered in the beginning of 2018 and scheduled for NBC, the long-delayed series will eventually air on HBO.