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Panda's Powers In Jujutsu Kaisen Explained

Generally speaking, pandas are such peaceful creatures. Known mostly for eating bamboo, lying around, and generally being very bad at reproducing, there are few other animals on the planet who seem quite so harmless while also being large enough to kill you at any given moment. DreamWorks, of course, capitalized on this disparity with the "Kung Fu Panda" franchise. However, that isn't the only series out there that has gone out of its way to make pandas seem more threatening. The anime "Jujutsu Kaisen" makes its own panda character so much more than just a big, fuzzy bear.

In a world where sorcerers dedicate themselves to fighting evil spirits, you'd never expect that a major part of that force is occupied by a talking panda, but that's the way it is. Thankfully, that panda (who is named Panda) iis more than just an ordinary bear. He is a very special type of cursed corpse (an autonomous puppet created by sorcerers) that is sentient; in fact, he is a second-year student at Jujutsu High School. Created by Principal Yaga, Panda is unique in design and ability, able to outperform any other cursed corpse (and more than a few legit sorcerers). But, what exactly can Panda do in a fight, and how do his powers work?

Panda is a cursed corpse unlike any other

As noted, Panda is a very unique type of cursed corpse. Most cursed corpses are simply nonliving objects that have been possessed by a curse. This gives the object a certain amount of sentience. However, it is impermanent and will eventually run out of cursed energy. They can occur naturally, but a sorcerer can also create one by imbuing an object with a core containing the curse. From there, the cursed corpse can act autonomously or be used directly as a puppet.

Panda is what is called an "Abrupt-Mutated Cursed Corpse" created by Jujutsu High's principal, Masamichi Yaga. For a time, the method of Panda's creation was kept a well-guarded secret. However, Yaga eventually reveals that he created Panda by imbuing the creature with three cores, each containing a different soul. Through some means, these souls balance each other out and allow the corpse to constantly create its own cursed energy. Still, that doesn't exactly tell us what Panda is capable of.

Panda is a talented sorcerer

The fact that he can perpetually create his own cursed energy means that, unlike other cursed corpses in "Jujutsu Kaisen," Panda can be a full-time sorcerer. He is classified as a Grade 2 sorcerer, which makes him something of a middleweight among sorcerers, but certainly more talented than the average student. More impressive than his rank, however, are his actual abilities.

As a magical undead bear, Panda already has physical abilities that are well above average. His strength, endurance, and speed alone are things to admire. On top of that, his sentience grants him a high level of intelligence. This makes him especially strategic for a fighter whose comfort zone is brawling up close and personal with his custom panda knuckle dusters.

When he's not simply throwing out punches, however, Panda can manipulate his cursed energy for a variety of purposes. A common trick of his is to use his cursed energy as a defensive shield. Using this ability, Panda can tank many attacks that other sorcerers would rather dodge. However, that isn't the most potent trick up his sleeve. For Panda's ace-in-the-hole, you have to look at his transformations.

Panda's transformations are overpowered

Remember when we said that Panda has three cores, each with its own soul? Well, that wasn't just to grant him sentience and let him create cursed energy. Panda can actually "switch" between these three cores to spark physical transformations that help him in combat. His first core is his default form, in which he looks like an ordinary panda. It's when he activates the core of his "brother" that he can really go ape.

We mean that literally, too. Panda's second core transitions him into Gorilla Mode, where he gains the appearance of a gorilla whilst keeping the white-and-black color scheme. In this form, Panda's physical abilities are enhanced even further, making him a more effective brawler. His strikes also gain an "Unblockable Drumming Beat" that fires damaging shockwaves through the target's body regardless of whether or not they blocked the attack. The only downside is that this form depletes his cursed energy at a higher rate.

Panda's last form is still a secret. However, if the wily bear hasn't felt the need to break it out thus far, you can bet that it's something seriously powerful. Gorilla form allowed Panda to take down opponents as powerful as Mechamaru, a highly advanced cursed corpse controlled by the sorcerer Kokichi Muta, and come out the other end with only minor injuries. Soft and fuzzy as he may be, Panda is one cute critter that you wouldn't want to tango with.