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The Forgotten Horror Drama You Can Binge On Hulu

While "The Walking Dead" has remains the biggest franchise going in the world of undead apocalypses, it's far from the only option for people who can't get enough of zombie plots. If you have a Hulu subscription and some down time, there's a British zombie apocalypse drama streaming on the service that seems like it was made for binge-watching. It's particularly fitting in October, when you're looking for something spooky to watch. 

The BBC throwback show "In The Flesh" is definitely a must-add option for your list this season. While many zombie tales show the events leading up to and occurring during a zombie apocalypse, this series takes a look at what happens afterward. According to Rotten Tomatoes, it was an unconventional approach that worked well in the eyes of critics and at-home viewers. See what all the fuss is about this Halloween season, and dive into the world of "In The Flesh" head first, thanks to an exhaustive collection on Hulu.

In The Flesh analyzes the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse

The BBC's 2013 series "In The Flesh" is a fictional look at what the world could look like after a zombie apocalypse. It tells the tale of Kieren (Luke Newberry), a teenage boy who becomes victim to a virus that turns him into a blood-thirsty zombie. 

Many of the humans in the world of "In The Flesh" fight back, re-killing those people who've reanimated as homicidal zombies. As normal life begins to resume, scientists find a way to round up the zombies left and use medication to control their flesh-eating tendencies. Those people, identified as having Partially Deceased Syndrome (PDS), must re-enter society under tight medical control, and with the knowledge of all the atrocious acts they committed while they were undead. This leads the PDS crew, including Kieren, down a dark path of isolation and social rejection, according to the BBC synopsis. 

"In The Flesh" ran for two seasons consisting of nine hour-long episodes in total. It may feel paltry stacked against certain other zombie franchises, but the brevity makes it all-the-more bingable. The series was created and written by Dominic Mitchell. It's a must-watch drama for any horror junkie looking for something new (well, old) to binge in a relatively short amount of time.