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Kingsman: The Golden Circle Bourbon Ad Reveals New Footage

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is getting a tie-in bourbon whiskey, and, with it, we're getting new footage. A recent ad released for Old Forester's new Statesman bourbon shows new action scenes from the upcoming film and gives a little more information about how the Kingsman will come together with their American counterparts.

The new footage starts with the car chase scene which was shown in the movie's trailer, although it offers a few new looks at the precarious situations Eggsy finds himself in during the pursuit. It then goes on to give a glimpse at Eggsy in what appears to be the Statesmen's signature shirt, hinting that he may in some way join the organization or go out in disguise as part of the organization. The commercial also gives an idea of how the Kingsman may come across the Statesman, with Eggsy holding a mostly empty bottle of bourbon and saying, "I think we're going to Kentucky." It even gives a bit more of a look at Jeff Bridges, who will play the head of the Statemen, having a drink with a mysterious man in a cowboy hat. "I think the key to this partnership is that Statesman has a real role to play in this film," said Brown Forman Distillery president and managing director Campbell P. Brown, hinting at the importance of the spy organization's eponymous liquor in the movie's plot.

The commercial also shows a scene which appears to come before the explosion of the Kingsman headquarters, showing Eggsy and Merlin walking into a liquor store in England and introducing themselves as part of the spy organization. Eggsy is wearing his orange smoking jacket, which director Matthew Vaughn says he ordered special based on his favorite tracksuit's color. It is also the jacket he is later seen wearing as he stands at the ruins of the Kingsman headquarters. The same outfit pops up later in the commercial as well, when Eggsy and Merlin are seen toasting with Statesmen liquor.

While the new footage doesn't reveal much, it does give more of a hint about the relationship between the Kingsmen and the Statesmen while providing a few more tantalizing glimpses at the film's action. Kingsman: The Golden Circle will hit theaters on Sept. 22, while the tie-in bourbon will be available to legal drinkers in August. While we wait, see the other movies that are going to blow you away this year.