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Netflix's Star-Studded Western The Harder They Fall Gets An Action-Packed Second Trailer

Everyone loves a good Western, and from what fans have seen so far, Netflix's upcoming "The Harder They Fall" has all the makings of a particularly great one. The movie features an impressive all-star cast, from Idris Elba ("The Suicide Squad," "Thor: Ragnarok") and Jonathan Majors ("Lovecraft Country," "Loki") to Regina King (HBO's "Watchmen," "If Beale Street Could Talk"), Delroy Lindo ("Da 5 Bloods," "Malcolm X"), Zazie Beetz ("Deadpool 2," "Joker") and others. Many of these stars portray real historical figures of the Wild West, and the plot revolves around some severely bad blood between Elba's Rufus Buck, Majors' Nat Love, and their various allies. 

The teaser trailer of "The Harder They Fall" touted the Jeymes Samuel-directed movie as an "assured, righteously new school Western," and it certainly looks like the movie has every intention to live up to those words. Now, a new trailer for "The Harder They Fall" has emerged, and it's even more action-packed than the last one. 

The new trailer for The Harder They Fall is seriously impressive

The new trailer for Netflix's "The Harder They Fall" opens with Trudy Smith (King) and her gang busting Rufus Buck (Elba) out of a prison train, with predictably bad results for the soldiers within. Unfortunately for Buck, his newfound freedom proves dangerous, as a man with a cross carved into his forehead, whom Buck soon identifies as ruthless fellow outlaw Nat Love (Majors), promises that this is "Buck's last day amongst the living." 

As these two formidable foes move toward a seemingly inevitable final confrontation, the trailer dedicates time to establish several other characters as badasses of the highest order. Smith, Stagecoach Mary (Beetz), and Cherokee Bill (LaKeith Stansfield) all have their moments, and while Lindo's Bass Reeves mostly spends his brief trailer time looking concerned and holding his hands up, it's worth noting that the original Reeves was the inspiration for The Lone Ranger, so it's easy to suspect that his role in the actual movie is somewhat less resigned. 

You can watch "The Harder They Fall" in select theaters in October, and the Western will premiere on Netflix on November 3.