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The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 6 Scene Fans Thought Went Too Far

Contains spoilers for Season 11, Episode 6 of "The Walking Dead" ("On the Inside")

Season 11 of "The Walking Dead" continued apace with pulse-pounding action and heart-stopping moments on Sunday night, and the thrills didn't stop with Episode 6 ("On the Inside").

Daryl (Norman Reedus) continues to try and ingratiate himself with the Reaper gang, taking part in the interrogation of Frost (Glenn Stanton) for information on Maggie's (Lauren Cohan) whereabouts — all the while hiding his connection to her. His apparent loyalty is rewarded, and Daryl is named a member of The Chosen Ones — Pope's (Ritchie Coster) mercenary squad. Elsewhere, an exhausted Connie (Lauren Ridloff) and Virgil (Kevin Carroll) take shelter in an abandoned house. What seems like a haven soon proves to be a horror, as they realize they'd been intentionally confined to the home by monsters planning to eat them. This led to a truly creative solution from Connie that ultimately proved walkers have a purpose in the world after all.

Over on the show's subreddit, fans discussed Episode 6 and pointed out a moment that was too gut-churning for them.

The way the show uses silence is chilling

Fans of "The Walking Dead" agreed about one thing when it came to Episode 6 — the way it made use of Connie's deafness in her scenes chilled their bones.

"The silence is almost painful. I can't imagine living like that at this time," said u/LexJude on a discussion thread for "On the Inside." During the episode, scenes shot from Connie's point of view played with muted sound, allowing viewers to experience what life is like for a deaf woman forced to deal with some very sneaky (and murderous) creatures. To wit, u/PigsWalkUpright wondered, "How would you trust yourself to sleep?" It would, they reasoned, be a matter of trusting the person you're with to keep watch. As "The Walking Dead" viewers know, that can often be a dicey prospect at best.

Fellow viewer u/turkeypants added, "It's already bad for the rest of them when death seems to lurk around every corner, but now you can't even listen out for it." Connie's ingenuity is rewarded — she survives the day and reunites with Kelly (Angel Theory). The apocalypse has turned her into a survivor, one that's made it through some terrible things and will likely live to see many more horrific things in the near future.