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Watch The Creepy Trailer For It Comes At Night

We don't know exactly what "it" is, but it's definitely worth locking your doors to avoid.

There's a new trailer for the horror It Comes at Night, and it looks to be terrifying and psychologically thrilling, which is something critics at the Overlook Film Festival raved about.

The movie comes from director Trey Edward Shults (Krishna) and stars Joel Edgerton as a father who believes an evil presence lurks outside his isolated cabin home in the wilderness. He brings two families into his house, which he locks every night, only allowing people out during the day. Eventually an intruder (Christopher Abbott) arrives to throw a monkey wrench into the plan, and one of the residents finds that the bolted door is open, letting in an unseen monster that seems to possess and transform its victims.

Edgerton told Entertainment Weekly that there's more to the flick than just the surface-level story. "There's this question of whether to trust [the intruder] and his word that he has a family, and food, and stuff to offer," he said. "For me, the film is about refugees and immigration and otherness. I thought that was really interesting to explore in the horror realm."

It all has an intense quality vaguely reminiscent of The Thing, which also takes place in a world where nobody can be trusted. And the shut-in aspect also reminds us a little of 10 Cloverfield Lane.

We'll find out if those comparisons are apt when the movie hits theaters June 9. Until then, check out the official poster below, and a few horror movies banned for being too disturbing.