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Assassin Club - What We Know So Far

The world of assassins is a mysterious one. Shrouded in a web of organized crime and political corruption, the work of a contract killer is generally something people know of, but have no direct experience with. Even so, people still love to fantasize about these mysterious figures, often creating stories where they stand at the center of crucial events. Franchises like "John Wick," and the "Bourne" series both star experienced assassins on the run from the organizations they once served.

Now, a new take on the character archetype is being explored with the upcoming film "Assassin Club." As the name implies, there's more than one hired killer at center stage here, meaning all the more excitement for fans of action thrillers. Though not much is known about this film overall, there is still lots to go over regarding its release date, cast, and plot. Here is what we know so far.

What is the release date for Assassin Club?

While no official release date has been announced for "Assassin Club," sources such as Collider estimate that the film will hit theaters sometime in 2022. The validity of these estimates are unknown, as we can't tell exactly how far into production "Assassin Club" is. That being said, the fact that there is ample knowledge regarding its cast and plot indicates that the filmmakers are well underway with the project. Therefore, 2022 is far from an unreasonable estimate.

Even in the best case scenario, though, it doesn't seem likely that "Assassin Club" will release within the first half of the next year. It's much more believable that the film will be released closer to 2023. Unfortunately, in that regard, there's simply no way to tell for certain until the film's producers, Film Bridge International, reveal more concrete information regarding the project. 

Until then, patience will be the name of the game for expectant moviegoers.

Who is in the cast of Assassin Club?

Thankfully, we know more about the "Assassin Club" cast than we do its release date. According to Deadline, the film already has several of its core cast members lined up. 

The star of this upcoming film is actor Henry Golding (best known for his role in "Crazy Rich Asians"), who will be portraying protagonist Morgan Gaines, an assassin hired to kill six mysterious targets. However, he isn't the only killer cast member. Supporting cast members Noomi Rapace ("Prometheus") and Sam Neill ("Jurassic Park") also play a pair of contract killers named Falk and Jonathan Caldwell respectively. The only non-assassin member of the cast revealed so far is Daniela Melchior (Ratcatcher 2 in "The Suicide Squad"), who will play the role of Gaines' girlfriend, Sophie.

Of course, this only scratches the surface of the cast we are expected to see in the final version of "Assassin Club," and the plot contains at least four other crucial roles to be filled. For now, though, Film Bridge International has yet to disclose who exactly they are.

What is the plot of Assassin Club?

If the "John Wick" series wasn't evidence enough for you, the life of a contract killer isn't easy. You never know when it's time to cash in the price on someone else's head, or when someone is trying to cash in the price on yours. Such is the life of a killer, and the collection of cutthroats in "Assassin Club" are no different.

Told from the perspective of talented assassin Morgan Gaines (Henry Golding), "Assassin Club" focuses on Gaines' endeavors to take out six targets. Unbeknownst to each, though, all six of them are also assassins — and they have all been hired to kill each other by an unknown party. Now, Gaines must dispatch with his six targets before one of them can do the same to him or his girlfriend, Sophie (Daniela Melchior). Thankfully, he has the help of his mentor, Jonathan Caldwell (Sam Neill), to back him up.

There is one more hang up, however. One of the assassins Gaines has been hired to kill is Falk (Noomi Rapace). Out of all the contract killers on the planet, Falk is the only one who can measure up to Gaines in terms of skills. It's kill or be killed in this exhilarating action premise, and with such an impressive opponent, Gaines may not live to see another day.