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The Real Reason The Predator Hunts Humans According To Fans

Several big-screen genres enjoyed their golden ages throughout the 1980s, including science-fiction, horror, and action. At the same time, Hollywood was quick to innovate and didn't shy away from combining any number of these categories to create wholly unique cinematic experiences. One of the most effective of these experiments was 1987's "Predator," which put action star Arnold Schwarzenegger front-and-center for a terrifying encounter with a technologically advanced hunter from the outer reaches of space. Needless to say, director John McTiernan's project took off, launching a franchise that creators would expand upon for decades to come.

At the time of this writing, the "Predator" IP now encapsulates several sequels — including two crossovers with the "Alien" series –, comics, video games, and more. Though not all of these productions have quite measured up to the success or popularity of the original, it stands to reason that we haven't seen the last of the Yautja by any stretch. In that same vein, it's a given that the mythology behind this alien race of trophy hunters will continue to evolve even more so than it already has, hopefully answering burning questions that have plagued the "Predator" fanbase along the way.

For instance, some have expressed curiosity as to what it is about humans that makes them suitable prey for Predator hunts. Until the true answer comes to light, fans have come up with one of their own that makes a lot of sense.

Humans consistently give Predators a real challenge

From the moment they arrived on the silver screen, Predators have staked their claim to being some of the most ruthless and cunning beings in all of pop culture. Armed with a myriad of dangerous weapons, gear unlike anything that exists in the real world, and an undying will to defeat their enemies, it's plain to see why they're so feared by those who've encountered them. A fair number of these poor souls have been human, who some fans believe are desired by the Yautja because of their technology and tenacity.

User Fox-Chan posited this theory a few years ago on the Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange, claiming that human weaponry and resilience give Predators a run for their money and keep them coming back for more. "It is an honor thing. They hunt us the same reason they hunt aliens, for bragging rights, and to prove themselves," they write, noting that in the original "Predator" film, the titular creature only attacks armed humans. Therefore, it's the desire to survive and fight back that gives the hunters a chance "to show their power by taking parts of us as trophies."

Many people have met their end at the hands of a Predator throughout the canon, though a handful have managed to not only combat the beasts but best them and walk away with their lives. Without a determined spirit, evolved warfare tactics, and life-saving equipment at their side, such a result would be impossible to achieve. Conversely, those attributes and tools are what make humans a worthy prize for extraterrestrial warriors.