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Star Wars: Visions Producer Reveals Whether The Series Will Be Made Canon

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"But is it canon?"

That's undeniably the battle cry of "Star Wars" fans worldwide after years of experience with their favorite franchise's expanded universe. Whenever the powers that be add new ancillary material to the ever-expanding galaxy far, far away, fans will inevitably want to know if it counts as a part of the long-ranging book, game, and movie franchise's official continuity. The age-old question surfaced again when Quantic Dreams announced that they would be releasing a brand new "Star Wars" game (via NME), and it happened when "The Mandalorian" shook the pop cultural landscape (at least until Luke Skywalker popped up in Season 2, cementing the series' canonicity).

Now, here we are again wondering about "Star Wars: Visions," a new animated anthology series that debuted on Disney+ September 22. Each short gives us new stories and fresh characters to care about, all conveyed in a visual style inspired by Japanese anime and created by different animation studios, like Twin Engine, Science SARU, and Trigger. Is it truly canon? Two members of the series' production team have spoken up about that.

Visions is visonary, but not quite canon

According to an interview on CNET with series producer Kanako Shirasaki and executive producer James Waugh, "Visions" is not a part of the main "Star Wars" canon yet, but the possibility it could supply a jumping off point for more canonical interpretations to come is definitely out there.

"It might influence the next generation of creators," Shirasaki said.

Waugh added, "Are there plans to integrate 'Visions' into the timeline saga storytelling? Not currently, but I have no doubt that we will see things that were in 'Visions' become part of the fabric of 'Star Wars' over the next decades."

Further complicating matters, the largely non-canonical "Star Wars: Visions" has already spun off a pice of ancillary media — an upcoming book entitled "Star Wars Visions: Ronin: A Visions Novel." While fans might have to wait awhile to see how "Visions" influences future pieces of franchise lore, they'll definitely have a fresh way to dive deeper into this new and exciting show.