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Netflix Drops Trailer For Megan Fox Vampire Thriller Night Teeth

The moment the sun no longer hangs bright in the sky passed seven o'clock and the temperature dips south of 70 degrees, we all know what time it is — Halloween season. And Halloween season means horror movies, both new and old, and streaming services across the board are already filling our plates with as much as we can tolerate.

Netflix already dropped one twist on a classic horror movie monster in the form of the highly referential "Nightbooks." That story gives Krysten Ritter free reign to play an over-the-top witch who controls the minds and lives of young children as she forces them to clean her New York apartment and tell her scary stories. But Ritter isn't the only beloved brunette taking a crack at movie monsterdom on Netflix this season; in fact, she isn't even the only one starring in a movie with the word "Night" in the title.

We just got the first trailer for the new Megan Fox movie "Night Teeth." In case the title didn't give it away, this is a vampire movie. However, unlike the more confined drama that we got from Netflix's other recent vampire flick, "Blood Red Sky," the trailer for "Night Teeth" paints the entire city of Angels red. If we were to try and sum up the story of "Night Teeth" based on the trailer, it would go something like this: Sometimes, being the driver really sucks.

It pays to drive vamps around, but it probably doesn't pay enough

"Night Teeth" starts out straightforward enough: Benny (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.), a college kid making some extra money, picks up some work as a chauffeur. One night, he winds up driving around two women (Debby Ryan and Lucy Fry) who, in addition to being morbid enough to ask Benny what he'd do if it were his last night on Earth, also happen to be ultra-violent, blood-drenched vampires.

In addition to jumping from hot spot to hot spot for fun and (human) snacks, the two vampires also drag Benny into an all-out war between different vampire factions and, according to a synopsis from Netflix, "the protectors of the human world" — one of whom just so happens to be Benny's brother (Raúl Castillo).

In the midst of all these vampire goings on is Megan Fox. While Fox's role has not formally been revealed, it seems clear that not only is she a vampire, but she is also one of the leaders of the vampire world. Whether that means she's an all-out villain or an anti-hero remains to be seen.

"Night Teeth" begins streaming on Netflix on October 20.