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Cocomelon Season 4 - What We Know So Far

While Netflix has an astounding amount of animated content on offer, including classic cartoons, more adult-targeted shows, and anime, you might be surprised to learn that cartoons targeted at toddlers happen to be some of the streaming platform's most successful shows. In particular, the show "Cocomelon" is extremely popular on Netflix. Originally created as a YouTube channel of the same name, "Cocomelon" is a show about a toddler named JJ who goes on adventures with his family and friends, singing songs. 

According to Nox Influencer, which reports YouTube statistics, the "Cocomelon" channel is the second most subscribed channel in the world right now, with 118 million subscribers. With how successful the YouTube channel is, it's no wonder Netflix wanted to get in on the action. The streamer currently hosts three seasons of the children's show, but it plans to greatly expand the series going forward.

Here's everything we know so far about "Cocomelon" Season 4. 

What is the release date for Cocomelon Season 4?

Right now, there are three seasons of the "Cocomelon" series on Netflix, which consists of episodes that are around an hour long and include a combination of many different song videos like you'd find on the YouTube channel. The show is so popular with parents and their toddlers, due to the show's bright color scheme and cute, happy songs, that many are eagerly awaiting more episodes. Forbes reported late last year that "Cocomelon" even hit a 62-day streak of being in Netflix's Top 10 list.

As for when the new season can be expected, The Wrap reported that the new nursery rhyme compilation episodes, of which there will be four more so far, "will begin rolling out in 2022." While that might seem far away to some, it's actually right around the corner, and considering the extreme success of "Cocomelon," we'd bet that Netflix will start releasing the new specials shortly after the start of the year. 

Who is in the cast of Cocomelon Season 4?

The cast of the beloved cartoon series "Cocomelon" is not expected to change at all with the new season coming to Netflix soon. That means that Ava Madison Gray, a young voice actress whose only credit so far is "Cocomelon," will continue to voice both JJ and Bella. Also in the cast are Hannah An as Tomtom, Yoyo, and various other schoolchildren, Alice Cho as Cece and Nina, Brody Yun as Cody and Nico, Brittany Taylor as Cody's Mom, Doctor, and Miss Appleberry, and Jake Turner as Dad, Boba, Grandpa, and Wally, among others. Kristen Princiotta voices both Mom and Mimi the Mouse, but she also does a lot of the singing for the show (IMDb). There are also so many talented individuals involved with the animation, music, and other aspects of the series who are a key part of the show's success, both at Netflix and Treasure Studio.

How many episodes will be in Cocomelon Season 4?

Each season so far of "Cocomelon" on Netflix has had three hour-long episodes that compile many different songs from the YouTube channel into one long video. For fans of this format, that's not going to change, except Season 4 will have four episodes rather than just three. But on top of that, those who really enjoy "Cocomelon" are in for a huge surprise, as Netflix recently announced that they are also producing a new spinoff series called "Cocomelon Lane," which will be a narrative series based on the original characters (via The Wrap). 

Netflix has already greenlit three seasons of the new show, which is expected to premiere sometime in 2022 alongside the music compilation specials. "Cocomelon Lane" will have 7-minute episodes featuring a small adventure with the familiar characters, with Yahoo! reporting that there will be 24 episodes per season. This is great news for longtime fans of the franchise, and Netflix is sure to announce more episodes and spinoffs in the future.